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Coding IT Pro
MET IIT hosted the 'Mumbai It Pro' lanch event on Windows Server, Visual Studio, SQL 2008 at MET League of Colleges, Recreation Centre on April 4, 2008
MET DACA @ Pune Art Festival
48th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition was held at Sai Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya at Pune from 12 - 14 January 2008. MET was the co-sponsor of this event, where academia from all over Maharashtra had participated. more>>>
MET celebrates Bandra
It was a landmark in the life of MET League of Colleges when two melodious events were held at MET as part of the prestigious ‘Celebrate Bandra’ fest. The events scheduled included a melodious evening on ‘Classical Ragas and Film Music’. The luminaries present included singers Dr. Sandhya Kavate and Sanjeevini amongst others. more>>>
IT workshops get sharp minds logging in
MET Institute of Information Technology held a Preparatory workshop for DACA CET. MET faculty expert Prof. Prachi Joshi conducted the workshop. more>>>
Animation Gurus @ MET
MET IIT & NASSCOM in association with the Technology Law Forum (TLF) conducted a focused Tech-Law Discussion Series for the Animation and Gaming Industry through the Game Industry Forum for Technology and Trade (GIFTT) platform. Prominent speakers included Animation Guru – Ram Mohan, internationally acclaimed Film Director – Govind Nihalani and eminent lawyer Ms. N S Nappainai. more>>>

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