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MET Rishikul Vidyalaya lays a strong and equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities. For this very reason, of the eight hours that the children spend at school, four hours is dedicated to extra – curricular activities during which academics is taught through the play - way method. All through the year the skillful teachers carefully identify the aptitudes of the children and accordingly build plans to develop that particular aptitude.

The final result of these efforts are showcased during ANANDVAN - the Annual Day of MET Rishikul Vidyalaya. The biggest attraction is that MET Rishikul Vidyalaya’s ANANDVAN celebrations are coloured with a variety of performances.

Anandvan’09 (Primary – 24th Jan) showcased the bonding between the two worlds – Human & Alien. Marco, an alien from Krypton visits India in accompany of his MRV friends. He gets amused to see different cultures and dances (Invocation, South Indian, Monkey, Rain, Robot, and Punjabi) imbibed together in one country. Our little friends proudly presented Marco our craze for Cricket too (Mime on Chake De India and A/V Clip). And that’s not all, the soothing vocal and foot tapping instrumental performances (Rhythm, Keyboard, Bongo, Drums, Music, Flute) left Marco completely stunned. He thanked his MRV friends for showing him such beautiful and amazing talents in India. He left for Krypton with the spirit of music and the knowledge of an artist to share with his fellow beings in the alien world.


Anandvan’09 (Pre – Primary 7th Feb) an awaited evening showcased the dynamic spirit and hard work by MRV juniors. The highlights were the colorful skits (Cinderella & Sanskrit), energetic dances (Invocation, Cowboy, Koli, Kashmiri, Ganesha, Fun dance), the melodious vocal and rhythmic instrumental performances (Tabla, Keyboard, Orchetra and A/V Clip).

Everyone, right from Grand Parents to MRV staff felt proud and happy by the efforts put in by each and every child at such a tender age.

Congrats and KUDOS TO ALL!!!


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