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MRV - Anandvan 11

MRV - Anandvan ’11 (Pre-Primary) The curtains of Anandvan 2011 opened to live Vocal & Instrumental performances like the flute, keyboard, tabla & the rhythmic orchestra by the children of pre-primary on Feb 24, 2011.

The Musical revolved around the story of two young children who come across a huge egg on a field trip which hatches in front of their eyes and out pops a dinosaur..! Then begins their journey to take the huge being back to where it belongs to the Dinosaur Age to avert the Dino Invasion. In this expedition, they are assisted by the eccentric Master of the Universe who gives them the magical mantra and thanks to his rusty magical powers and his whims & fancies they are transported to different ages like the Information Age, Indus Valley Civilization, the Stone Age, the Sanskrit Age & finally, 10 years ahead of their time in the year 2021. They are eventually successful in their endeavor by sending the Dinosaur back to his own age. The entire journey is filled with hilarious sequences, amusing anecdotes and lively charged dances which leave us enthralled.

MRV – Anandvan ‘11 (Primary) MET Rishikul Vidyalaya’s - Anandvan opened  on Feb 04, 2011with an invocation dance which portrayed the 10 incarnations of Vishnu, collectively called the ‘Dashavtaras’. The divine performance was a fitting prelude to the musical evening.

The Musical Dance - Drama  depicted  how a newly launched channel is guided by a grandfather clock to become a vehicle of change and use its reach to address the social and environmental issues plaguing the world today.  The media obsessive generation is taken through a journey by ‘Thomas the clock’ who symbolises time itself. The clock takes over the channel and spreads the message of peace, harmony, love, brotherhood and conservation of ecology. The message was conveyed through the musical extravaganza which included a variety of dances and skits. The musical bouquet consisted of evergreen music from both the Indian as well as the western world. The inspirational presence of the clock enables the entertainment channel to accept its obligation towards the society and bring about the much needed change. Finally with his mission complete Thomas the clock leaves, making the world a better place.


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