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"Apni toh paathshala, masti ki paathshala!
"Student's chill out. While the parents entertain the Teachers!

Unlike other schools where the students put up a show for the teachers, MET Rishikul Vidyalalya celebrates Teacher's day with a difference. Every year on September 5 the parents put up a variety entertainment show for the teachers and staff.

"Three cheers to our school management who have given us parents a free hand to organise and execute the event" says Manoj Mehta, a Rishikul parent. "The warmth shown by the teachers and the management has motivated us to set aside time from our busy schedules and contribute to this event. From conceptualising the event to execution, the entire event is handled by parents " he continues.

"Friends, philosopher, guide. The teachers influence the lives of our children. It was our turn to make them feel special. The show is just a small expression to thank the teachers and staff for all the efforts they take to groom our children." beams Sonia, another Rishikul parent.

The programme ends with a 'sharing and meeting' session where parents, staff, teachers and trustees formed groups and share their experiences with each other and embrace the goodness in each other's self. Truly a wonderful day for the one and all, this function will be a pleasant unique experience to everyone who will attend it. While observing them practice, the one thing that is contagious is the spirit of love and unending enthusiasm that propels these parents forward.

Programme Highlights (2006) :
  1. Master of Badhia Badhia Satsangs - A play that is a spoof on Munnabhai MBBS
  2. Couple dances – spoof on a popular dance show
  3. Group dances
  4. Individual performances like mimes, solo acts etc.
  5. Condemnation of the Mumbai blasts through a specially organised act


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