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US returns to MET
For the second time, in one year, a group of 40 faculty and students of Calpoly Orfalea College of Business were on their ‘International Business Tour’ to China and India. They visited the MET League of Colleges (Mumbai). The group was spearheaded by Dr. Chriss Carr, the Business Associate Dean and Faculty Development In-charge at Calpoly. Dr. Jay Singh, MS and Ph.D. in Packaging Science from Michigan State University, a Professor at Calpoly and Head of Research projects also lead the group. Ms Neetu Bali was the group coordinator who accompanied them. more>>>
MET’s fun recipe
Following the monthly theme of ‘May Masti’, MET announced ‘MET Murga’, a crazy fun event, which was organised on May 30, 2009 as part of the MET 2 Decades Celebration. The event was aimed at strengthening the atmosphere of cohesiveness & free-flow expression and to have fun at the same time. more>>>
Live Career Tips
Zee 24 Taas one of the leading Marathi News Channel in India has a live career guidance programme ‘Career Way’. MET senior faculty and academic mentors, Mayura A from Institute of Mass Media and Prof. Vijay Page from Schools of Management, were invited on two separate occasions to conduct and host the half an hour programme each, on career way. more>>>
MET’s Global Alliance
MET AMDC has pioneered a powerful combination; the eMBA Finance (Banking and Insurance) programme was launched in partnership with premier Global Insurance Institute – CII (London). The Chartered Insurance Institute, London, a body created by Royal Charter for promotion of Insurance education in UK as well as all over the world, have agreed in principle to collaborate with MET for delivery of dedicated unique eMBA Insurance programme. more>>>
Nation calling!
MET League of Colleges in association with Loksatta - Campus Mood supplement, launched a youth social campaign. Leading Bollywood actor Atul Kulkarni inaugurated the awareness drive to create a movement amongst the youth, to vote and accordingly select and elect their constituency leader for the forth coming Lok Sabha elections. more>>>

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