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Institute of Alternative Careers

Institute of Alternative Careers

Certificate in Music Therapy

MET presents India’s first ever educational programme in Music Therapy. Based on the therapeutic understanding of traditional music, ayurveda principle and modern technique of sounds. This Certificate Program in Music Therapy will enable professionals with knowledge of music, musicians, vocalists and medical professionals to discover the power of music as medicine to cure diseases.

The Certificate in Music Therapy, is a specialised programme that aims to train individuals to use music for health benefits and holistic living. Based on some of the most extensive research conducted under the guidance of Pt. Shashank Katti, this programme will take you to the grass roots level and equip you to use unconventional method of Music Therapy to cure ailments.Students will get an opportunity to learn the basics of Music Therapy, in just 6 months, part time.


  • Theory

    1. Historic event about musical miracles and its conclusion (about Tansen, Vikramaditya)
    2. Modern inventions (an experiment about neurohormonal secretions)
    3. Mood elevation theory and application of music as therapy
    4. Sound Waves, Binaural beats, Entrainment of brain, Concept of Sur, Control of mind on body through brain, Brain waves, States of brain frequencies, Primary knowledge about functioning of brain. Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep, Hyper activity etc. Entrainment of mind and Generation of feelings resulting in Entrainment of brain
    5. Indian Classical Music. Few definitions like Sur, Taals, Ragas, Vadi, Sanvadi, Aaroh, Avroh etc.
    6. Few Ragas for study
    7. Coordination of Ayurvedic and principles with Indian Classical Music
    8. Stress management, Definition of stress, Positive stress, Negative stress, Moods of ragas and their application on different stress related problems
    9. Sound waves, Propagation of sound, Pitch and Waveforms, Beats, Phase difference, Structure of ear and process of hearing
  • Practical

    Ability of knowing and singing or playing different Surs. Few Alankars (paltas), Taals like Teentaal, Ektaal, Rupak.

    Following Ragas with few alaps and themes:

    1. Hindol 2. Todi 3. Puriya Dhanashree 4. Miya Malhar 5. Darbari Kanada
    6. Madmad Sarang 7. Jonpuri 8. Bageshree 9. Madhuvanti 10. Yaman

    Listening sessions of these ragas including practical training considering the therapy angle.

    1. Projects

      As part of this programme the students will have to perform projects and/or case studies. This will be taken into consideration for final evaluation.

    2. Addition tO the syllabus

      Concept of Indian Classical Music, Sur, Ayurveda and Indian Classical Music

      • The shlokas from Swaramrut - Tumbaru and from Sangeet Ratnakar - Sharangdev
      • Application of shruties - may be called as Gandharva Shruties or Chikitsa Shruties
      • How Samaya Chakra of Ragas matches the tridosh time cycle
      • Practical application of few Ragas on diseases (disorders) like Arthritis, Diabetes, Insomnia etc.
      • Primary principles of Nadi Pariksha and different doshas
      • What is Sur Nadi Pariksha?
      • Primary concept about Tridoshas from Ayurveda
      • Knowledge of a few general disorders and ailments
      • Indian classical music is generated for health (explanation)
        - Music appreciated in different regions according to the environmental conditions
        - How to use seasonal ragas in music therapy
        - Five special sensory organs and their functions
        - Ears have important role in generating Indian Classical Music

      Basic principles of Ayurveda

      1. Formation of the universe and human body
      2. Panch mahabhut siddhant
      3. Samanya vishesh siddhant
      4. Padarth vidnyan
      5. Ayurvedic biological clock in human physiology

      Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology

      1. Life according to Ayurveda
      2. Garbhavkranti and special care during pregnancy
      3. Normal structure of human body
      4. Physiology in general
      5. Tridosh siddhant
      6. Dhatu mala srotas siddhant
      7. Monthly progression of the foetus in womb

      Ayurvedic Pathology and Music Therapy

      1. Concept of disease in Ayurveda
      2. Formations and understanding of disease process
      3. Diagnostic procedures
      4. Nadi pariksha
      5. General knowledge about Arthritis / Spondylitis / Hypertension / Liver disorder / Hyperacidity / Skin disorders / Diabetes / Asthma / Allergy / Heart disease / Headache / Migraine / Insomnia / Psychological disturbances / Stress / Underweight babies