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Emotional Intelligence

JIBA is an International Association of businessmen and industrialists of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community formed in 1991, headquartered in London. JIBA aims to organize, promote, extend and otherwise support business related activities of its members at the local and international levels throughout the world. One of its main objectives is to encourage friendly feeling amongst its members and to secure harmony and uniformity of action of all members in dealing with problems and maters related to business, commerce, industry, profession and trade at local and/or international levels.

JIBA Mumbai Chapter organized a members' meet on 10th October 2015 at Hotel Suba Galaxy. Dr. Farida Virani, Professor, MET Institute of Management was invited to engage an interactive session on 'Working with Emotional Intelligence'. She explained the concept of EI with research based examples explaining how an individual's capability to perceive, understand, manage, and regulate self and other's emotions were important. She explored how managing emotions amongst family was critical and how it affected the interpersonal dynamics in the family, business, and ownership subsystems of a family firm. It was an interactive session and the audience asked varied questions related to the topic and appreciated the in-depth explanations and answers.


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