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NGO Activities

NGO Activities

NGO tie-ups

MET has established linkages with various bodies like:

  1. United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC)
  2. Association for Research in Homeopathy, Navi Mumbai
  3. Jay Prakash Narayan Trust Hospital, Waliv
  4. Evangical Social Action Forum, Trichur-Kerela
  5. South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA)

Why do we tie-up with other NGOs?
Educational Institutes need to think beyond the purview of books and academic inputs. With the corporate world increasingly becoming aware of their social responsibilities, it is vital to sensitise students as early as possible. Today's youth need to be aware of their responsibilities towards the society. As a manager, a student must realise that the head can make not all decisions and that some decisions need to be made by the heart.
As a step towards sensitising the students towards their social responsibilities, we have included subjects like Social Marketing and Corporate Governance in our curriculum. MET provides its students an opportunity to use their managerial skills through the various socially relevant projects. Student's involvement adds a dimension to the personality and therefore another socially sensitive person is added to the society.

How do these live projects help MET students?
By and large all students ultimately join in the Corporate Sector. Since business comes from the society, these students need to understand the nuances of society and culture. If the society is not healthy and economically sound, then the profitability in the business suffers. For creating wealth, one needs to make a special effort to understand the lower sections of society that is untouched by development. If relevant exposure is given to the students, they will be more aware of their social responsibilities and may probably end up working full-time towards upliftment of this stratum.

How advantageous are these projects to the NGOs?
Student Volunteers at NGOs are good news for the NGOs too. According to Vijay Page, Director General - MET Institute of Management "NGOs are extremely committed towards the implementation of the projects they undertake. But they lack the managerial knowledge and expertise to successfully implement a project. If students are involved in the implementation of projects, then they will be able to lend their knowledge of managerial tools and techniques to the projects and therefore ensure effective and cost-smart implementation of projects."