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Virtualities Conquered!

MET management teams participated in the three various competitions organised by SIESCOMS on 21 - 22 Jan, 2011 titled ‘Virtualities – 2011’. There were 20 teams from across the top leading B Schools like IES, CIMR, ITM, DALMIA etc. contesting in this management event. Marketing Quizzeria’11was a quiz competition which was conducted in a very interesting way with logos and taglines of different brands. The rounds included connecting pictures together to form a company and identifying logos and taglines of companies. MET management students Ms. Preema G. & Ms. Nidhisha S. won the first prize and Ms. Vidya B. & Ms. Larissa D’sa. won the second prize. This was an exhilarating and learning experience for both the groups.Transact 2011 – Mock Stock was the competition about the rumours and news, using them you have to decipher the clues, decode the puzzle of stocks, IPOs and ADRs. MET management students Mr. Vrudhan S. & Mr. Sumedh I. won the second prize. Eldorado Virtual World Event - “Eldorado” gave MET management students an opportunity to make an investment plan for the entire decade. Team were given Rs.50L at the beginning. The teams got opportunities to showcase their investment skills and analytics. They had ten different instruments to invest, which were spread over eight rounds each signifying a year. The ten different instruments were: NSS, fixed deposit, saving bank, mutual fund, gold billion, silver billion, loan, real estate, index fund, and lottery. MET management students Rahul J. & Virendra C. won the second prize.

Three Cheers to METizens!


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