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A successful CEO at 22

A successful CEO at 22

A successful CEO at 22

Can it get more exciting than this, a student fresh out of college would ideally search for a job for himself, but here is someone who found ways to provide others with jobs. He addressed himself as SMILEY to the MET students at an event organised by the MET e Cell of MET Schools of Management. Presenting, Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO,

Rajiv spoke on entrepreneurship and its challenges. It was quite a surprise to learn Rajiv was only 22 years old! Surely age is no bar to becoming an entrepreneur.

This bright youngster spoke passionately about his achievements and gripped the attention of every MET student in the audience. Along with the job portal fame he also boasts about being instrumental in setting up another venture, a web-based Advertising and Technology Company.

So when a MET student asked him as to how it feels to be one of the youngest entrepreneurs the country has, the answer was modest yet informative. Sharing the heart touching stories about how he encountered difficulties was a clear message to students to face anything that might come their way. The biggest problem he faced was availability of funds and to prove his integrity he did not let his father help him, even when he wanted to.

Another MET student asked how he thought of this business out of numerous options available. To this Rajiv said “I always knew what I had to do”.

One of the memorable events in his life was when he had to stay without any food for 4 long days. Another incident that marked the passion of an entrepreneur - Rajiv used to impost himself as a delivery boy going to collect cheques from clients at the same time acting as a owner on the front scene.

Mr. Smiley brought smiles to the MET students' faces and left them with valuable learnings.

Namit Bhavsar, is Management student and member of MET eCell has authored this article