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eWeek Celebration

eWeek Celebration

MET eCell celebrated eWeek in collaboration with NEN India from 7th – 14th February, 2009.

MET eCell eWeek has been celebrated since the past three years and the participation has been increasing every year. The prime objective behind this initiative is to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in management students. As the industry is demanding more and more entrepreneurial thought process within the students.

The theme for 2009 was based on ‘GO Green’ and the Ecology was the cynosure of the event. The celebrations began with lighting the inaugural lamp followed by plantation drive at the MET Campus by Prof. Vijay Page, Brig. M K Nag, Prof. D M Marathe and all the members of the staff, faculty and the management students. There was a special inspiring session to make the students aware of the importance of the environment by the new age business gurus like Mr. Milind Agarwal - smsGupshup, Mr. Vikram Goel, Joint Secretary - All India Toy Manufacturers Association and Ms. Gandhi - Nature First. ‘Green Day’ was the last day of the eWeek celebrations which started with destination: Green Street; a virtual stock market games.

eWeek is conducted every year under the aegis of NEN Global that strives for launching thousands of new entrepreneurs, who in turn will create hundreds of thousands of valuable jobs in India.

Highlights of the event

  • Tag your eCell
  • Design MET eCell logo
  • ‘Ban on Plastic Bags’ – Students made newspaper bags to replace the confiscated plastic.
  • Voluntary Power Cut throughout the management floor at MET campus.
  • Session on ‘Importance of the Environment’

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