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Education is the foundation of a healthy society

Education is the foundation of a healthy society

Education is the foundation of a healthy society

'Look back and plan ahead through the Mumbai University Sesquicentenary Quest (MUSEQ) programme proposed by Mumbai Educational Trust' says Hanifa Mezoui - UN-ECOSOC Chief NGO Section & Global Civil Society Champion.

The congratulatory contribution of MET League of Colleges (MET) towards the work of the UN-ECOSOC and the United Nations at large has been widely praised and acknowledged by the UN on many forums But a visit by the UN Mission meant that the highest level of reverence was bestowed upon MET. At the request of MET Trustees and officials, Hanifa Mezoui Global Civil Society Champion, and Chief NGO Section, UN-ECOSOC shared her thoughts on Corporate Social Responsibility as a part of the Millennium Development Goals at a dazzling function at MET League of Colleges.

During this function, Dr. Mezoui highlighted the role of UNECOSOC in the international arena as a key forum for creating synergies among a wide range of actors on major aspects of economic and social development. "The UN-ECOSOC has been consistently tackling the realisation of the MDGs, this year the high level segment focuses on employment: 'Creating an environment at the national and international levels, conducive to generating full and productive employment and decent work for all, and its impact on sustainable development’. I am very proud to confirm that the contribution of MET in presenting the MUSESQ concept in the High Level Segment was not only highly received and acknowledged by the UN Secretary General but also translated in the 6 official languages of the United Nations and distributed worldwide to our 192 member states" she said.
Further she said, "Investment in education has long been seen as a key factor in development. Since the 1960’s a great deal of focus from the international development community has been given to education and its ability to contribute to development through human capital expansion leading to endogenous growth. While the education sector does indeed have the ability to contribute to the promotion of growth, it is equally important to recognise education as a result of development and as a contributor to better quality of life."

This was the first international oration in the Oration Series of the Mumbai University Sesquicentennial year celebrations.
She also presented a certificate to the Mumbai University as a token of her appreciation on behalf of United Nations. The certificate was received by Dr. Vijay Khole - Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University.

Also present at the function were Kumar Ketkar - editor Loksatta, Dr. Vijay Kelkar - former Finance Secretary, Govt. of India & former Executive Director of IMF, USA, Dr. Vijay Khole - Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University, Justice Y V Chandrachud - Former Chief Justice of India, Meena Sur - Programme Officer, NGO Section, UN - DESA, Pankaj Bhujbal - Trustee, MET and Samir Bhujbal - Trustee, MET.
Later in the evening, the 35 MET students who had pursued internship at the United Nations were felicitated by Mezoui. "Here at MET, today’s youth is brightening their own "path" in order to brighten the path of others: those in poverty, those without access to education, medical assistance and without the basic fixtures of everyday life. And what a pleasure to have a bunch of highly motivated and qualified interns coming in every year to assist us! I am confident that MET having set exceptionally high standards to produce top quality graduates will continue to progress in an outstanding manner." she remarked.

Some facts about MET & UN

  • MET is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations
  • MET is the only institute in India to enjoy this status
  • MET students were instrumental in successful implementation of the UN Paperless Committee project
  • Since the past three years, 6 different batches of MET students have taken the UN Paperless Committee project forward
  • MET faculty and students are actively involved in Project TRUTH (Total Rural Upliftment Through Holistic Care) project has been supported by the United Nations
  • Recently, MET submitted Vidya-Setu, a Knowledge Bridge for societal bonding at the UN. This paper has been accepted and appreciated as a useful contribution by the UN

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