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Knowledge At MET

Knowledge At MET


  1. The average number of thoughts a person has each day is 70,000
  2. The rate at which your brain processes information can range from 5 meters/second (about 1 mile per hour) to 120 meters/second (268 MPH).
  3. Your skin weighs twice as much as your brain
  4. While an elephant’s brain is physically larger than a human brain, the human brain is 2% of total body weight (compared to 15% of an elephant’s brain), meaning humans have the largest brain to body size.
  5. It is thought that a yawn works to send more oxygen to the brain, therefore working to cool it down and wake it up.
  6. The brain is approximately 75% water, but you should never drink
  7. Every time you have a thought you are creating new connections (neural pathways) in your
  8. While awake, your brain generates between 10 and 23 watts of power–or enough energy to power a light
  9. Each time we blink, our brain kicks in and keeps things illuminated so the whole world doesn’t go dark each time we blink (about 20,000 times a day).
  10. The human brain exceeds 4 terabytes. By the end of life, an average person remembers approximately 150 trillion bits of information
  11. There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the The distance around the world at the equator is 24,900 miles.

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