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Anthocyanins - Nature’s Allure

In an endeavor to identify the active health-promoting ingredients, many researchers have focused on the properties of the flavonoids, a large class of phenolic compounds that is abundant in such foods. Anthocyanins which are prominent among flavonoids form an important group of water soluble pigments abundant among most species in the plant kingdom. Being accumulated in cell vacuoles they are largely responsible for diverse pigmentation resulting in orange, red, purple and blue colors of many fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers and other plants. Anthocyanin pigments are important to food quality because of their contribution to impart vibrant hue and appearance to the product. The consumption of anthocyanins has been linked as protective agents because of their strong antioxidant properties. Dietary intake may play a significant role in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

  • Anthocyanins belong to parent class of molecules called
  • They are water-soluble vacuolar
  • Derivatives of anthocyanidins- their sugarfree counterparts ( aglycone portion).
  • Responsible for much of the red, blue, and purple colors of fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers, and
  • Synthesized via the phenylpropanoid
  • They are the most oxidized flavonoids with the C ring fully unsaturated and a hydroxyl at position

Properties & Functionality In Plants

  1. Anthocyanins and stress
  2. Free radical
  3. Defensive role in
  4. Visual communication in animals
  5. colour
  6. Photo protection and Protection against ultra violet

Health Promoting Properties

  • Vision
  • Anti- Diabetic Activity as Insulin
  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-cancer
  • Reduction in CHD


Getting your fill of anthocyanin-rich fruits and vegetables may help boost your overall health by offering up an array of nutrients. This phytochemical class is a growing segment in the nutraceutical market due to its multifaceted role in human health maintenance. So stay healthy by taking your daily dose of colours.

Monil Karia (S Y M Pharm)

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