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Knowledge At MET


Bluetooth technology works by using radio waves, which can be harmful to our health. Bluetooth technology allows us to live a wire-free lifestyle. We can sync tiny headsets to our cell phone so we can talk hand-free. We can also sync different kinds of computer technology to clear our workspaces without worrying about tripping over or accidentally unplugging essential wires. For e.g. Wireless mice & printer are available. We can sync our smart phones to talk through our cars stereo system when friends call. Unfortunately, Bluetooth produces some side effects to consider with daily use of this technology.

Electromagnetic frequencies & radiation get in the way of the natural energy flow within the body by blocking normal cell growth.

Brain cancer- Bluetooth technology is often associated with & used for hand-free cell phone devices that attach to the ear individuals who wear these devices constantly continually expose that part of their body right next to the brain to continual radiation even when the device is not in use. This radiation even in small doses has an effect on brain cells & gets in the way of healthy operation overtime.

Bluetooth radiation effects everyone differently, but all side effects come from the basic fact that microwaves interrupt with the ability of the cells to function & transmit energy naturally other side effects that have been associated with microwave radiation in Bluetooth technologies include birth defects or miscarriage, hair loss, Alzheimer disease, neck pain, headaches, leukemia & weight gain.

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