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Knowledge At MET

Knowledge At MET

EXERGY 2013 Business Plan

Executive Summary

Uniqueness of The Business Idea

We plan to open a healthcare service facilitating patients requiring long term therapy, senior citizens & pediatric care

and people below poverty line. They would be benefitted by our healthcare service by an innovative and cost effective method. Our company would have tie ups with pharmaceutical companies, various NGOs, hospitals, physicians, chemist shops and blood banks for sourcing of facilities.

The company would also be registering patients. Case study of every patient will be maintained along with the prescription from an authorized doctor (mandatory in case of ordering the medicines).

Poverty is widespread, with the nation estimated to have one third of the world's poor. Malnutrition in children is not affected by food intake alone; it is also influenced by access to health services, quality of care for the child and pregnant mother as well as good hygiene practices.

Thus we will be generating profits and sharing them with needy people free of cost and assist them in all possible ways. For such people, the service would be rendered through tie ups with the NGOs who would help us to reach these people in a cost effective manner.

Understanding of Market and Its Analysis

This type of business model is not so widespread in India, therefore competition from other peers are expected to be


Marketing and Sales Strategy

  1. Provision for free delivery on all
  2. Advertising through internet, newspapers, magazines .Reminders to patients by SMS, phone calls and e-mails. Use of internet technology will be maximized for reducing the cost to the company.
  3. People would get medicines on MRP, thus increasing our profit as buying medicines in bulk from pharma companies would cost less for the
  4. Free health check- up camps for blood pressure and blood sugars would be provided quarterly to registered


Management and Administrative Strategy

The company will be managed by a group of pharma graduates well equipped about the industry. Administration will

be done using technological aids and software programs. While Marketing and HR will be self managed, financial management will be done through outsourced agency.

Technical Overview

Company will identify the prospective organization for tie-ups. Joint collaboration will be formed with such companies

on a revenue sharing model. Patients will approach for services being offered and catered through appropriate collaborative ventures.

Finance Strategy

Finances would be managed by taking loan from the bank for initial capital requirements. The profits generated

subsequently through operations will provide for the working capital.

Backup Strategy

Collaborations will be maintained with multiple companies providing similar facilities to ensure redundancy of

business model.

Revenue And Profit Potential

Capital inflow would be from sale of medicine, service charges, advertisement of pharma companies and tie ups with

organizations financing us for expanding their own business.

Exit Strategy

To contain losses, if downfall of the business happens then medicine inventories, and other fixed assets would be sold

off at market price and repayment of any remaining debts could be done.

Somali Dey Pragatee Gawande
Vrunda Mehta (Final Y B Pharm)

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