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Knowledge At MET

Knowledge At MET

Executive summary of Mobile Fruit Juices Van

Jogging in the mist of fog and enjoying your favourite fruit juice is the dream of every jogger and we present you with a service and a product that will change the way people begin their day. We will be providing ‘on the spot prepared juice’. This will be accommodated with our website. We are just giving the concept of mobile juice vans, a professional touch and introducing it at many places at the same time.

Service at a glance

We are going to introduce Mobile Fruit Juices Van named as Juicyboost which will be present outside the jogger’s park

and provide them with freshly squeezed herbal juices and healthy breakfast at very competitive rates. Along with that an easy 24*7 access to us through our website will be available.

Key differentiators

  1. Huge variety of Herbal Juices to
  2. The breakfast and soup for the different age group available like kids (mostly on weekends), elderly, pregnant women’s is a new concept.
  3. Medical consultant is available on the website (reply accepted in 7-8 hrs max)
  4. Online order accepted and home delivery (for the same day delivery, call or mail at least before 2hrs)
  5. Information about all herbal and organic juices on the website.


Initially the vans will be located at only few places; namely New golden nest park, Jesal park, Veer savarkar Udyan, Rani

laxmibai garden and National park .These are the area between bhayandar and borivali. The concept of mobile juice centre being new, people will at least try the juice at Juicyboost once and the service we provide them will force them to come again.

Present scenario Market overview

An independent market research carried out has brought to notice the current state of herbal juices. The survey was

conducted between bhayandar and borivali. The survey consisted of few different questions regarding the various aspects of herbal juices, their making, their benefits known, raw material cost. The observations of the survey are as follows:-

  • Currently the people who are selling these juices in morning are either house wives or this is their means of part time
  • The spread of benefits of different herbal juices is on a high rate and people wish to have it
  • Due to rise in the cost of vegetables and fruit most of them get these on wholesale rate and then preserve


  • People who sell homemade juices near parks and gardens in the morning: These juices are available at minimal Many of the morning walkers and joggers have relations of trust and friendship with them. Hence it would be very difficult to attract these target audience.
  • Herbal juices manufactured and sold by the ayurvedic shop

Overcoming the threat

  • Its unique feature is that it’s a mobile juice centre. This kind of concept has not been introduced in India so far in the

Indian market.

  • We prepare juice in front of the customers The customers can see how their juice has been prepared, what is added to the juice and how hygienic the juice is.
  • We also offer various combinations of Vegetable Soup and Healthy Breakfast depending on age and health like diabetic patient, cholesterol patient,

We don’t keep vegetable and fruit in stock. It will be brought on day to day basis for maintaining the freshness.

Marketing strategy

  • The marketing strategy will be based on targeted advertisements, appealing to the customer's sense of The advertising campaign will highlight the "one-stop for all health needs" aspect of the Juicyboost. The Marketing team will conduct awareness drives about certain diseases, free vaccinations, blood donation, diabetes checkup and other drives for the benefit of the locals.
  • There are not many juice centres open in the early morning; and most of them are not located at close Therefore, we want to seize the opportunity and venture in this unique concept.
  • Market penetration will be followed where we will initially set a low price so that we can penetrate the market quickly and deeply and win a large market share. This strategy is adopted because the market is highly price sensitive and low prices will help us keep out the competition. Hence following this strategy the prices of our herbal juices will be Rs. 10 and that of our soup and breakfast will be 20.
  • This new concept will create hype amongst the customers and Juicyboost will automatically get publicity with the help of mouth-to-mouth publicity or word of mouth and thus the service we provide them will force them to come

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