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Knowledge At MET

Impact of Content Writing from the Company’s Perspective

Management can be described, as a social process involving responsibility for economical and effective planning & regulation of operation of an enterprise in the fulfilment of given purposes. It is a dynamic process consisting of various elements and activities. These activities are different from operative functions like marketing, finance, purchase etc. Or maybe these exercises are basic to each chief independent of his level or status. Nonetheless, the most broadly acknowledged capacities are of administration given by Koontz and O'Donnel i.e. Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling.

For theoretical purposes, it may be convenient to separate the functions of management but, practically these functions are overlapping in nature i.e. they are highly inseparable. Each function, mixes into the other & each affects the performance of others.

The Importance of Content in the Digital World

In today’s digital world, blog writing and content creation prove to be necessary for companies. Previously, blogs were thought as personal diaries published to the Internet. However, today nearly 40% of companies use blogs for marketing purposes, and over 46% of people read blogs more than once a day.

Regardless of the industry – whether you are running a bakeshop, law firm, or technology start-up – creating content should be a top goal in order to increase more inbound traffic to your website and become a trusted advisor. Identify a handful of employees who could provide quality blog content and then start out with 2 per month if you are new at blogging. To make sure to stay on top of the craft, block out an hour on your calendar each month to dedicate to writing your post. From there, move to bi-weekly posts and then weekly. Creating a steady content stream does not happen overnight, but the more effort you put in towards it, the greater your return will be. Over time, your content be better crafted and more educational, making your site the go-to place for relevant knowledge within your occupied industry. Let us dig into the top reasons for why content remains so important:

1) SEO

Many people do not realize how vital having a regularly updated blog can be to SEO rankings. In fact, Social Media Today goes far enough to state, “There is not a better way to add relevant content to your website on a regular basis than to utilize a blog.” Adding well-written and informative content not only encourages possible customers to visit your page, it also increases the page count for your actual site.

If you write two blogs a week, that is two entirely new pages added to your website every week – just from the blog. This practice typically comes down to earning links to content, which greatly aids in SEO. Each time you write a new blog, be sure to add tags, keywords, and a meta description to optimize the page. Nonetheless, simply writing content just to write content is not a valid method. The content should be informative and high quality, making your company’s blog a place of education.
SEO and Content Marketing are, made for each other. Neither works well on its own, but, together they are a powerhouse for internet marketing. Let us take a quick look at, the importance of each and how, they work together.

How SEO And Content Work Together?

Following are some simple FAQs for making SEO and content work well together:



States what the requirements are for content

Meets the requirements

Needs content

Provides it

SEO means that keywords are used

Uses keywords

Quality SEO uses link backs

Includes them

Requires that output is consistent

Mandates consistency at all times.

What is a Quality Content?

Content that focuses on the user and engages the user are hallmarks of high-quality content. The following tips help content writers create content:

  • Never use jargons, if your reader is not from the industry they may not understand the jargon and move to another site.
  • Do write in a tone, which, targets your audience by using the right writing style, tone, and voice.
  • Stimulates a response – it can be a comment on a blog post, a Sign up for a newsletter, a download of information, or a purchase. Another welcome action is sharing your content on social media.
  • The importance of proper structure should not be underestimated. Great content lists points you want to make at the beginning of your content with supporting details following either in the content or on another page.
  • Other Hallmarks of Quality Content

  • Quality content has a business reason for being. Storytelling is currently a popular way to, present content. However, the story must have a point that spurs a user to act as described in above.
  • Finding and sharing quality content is easy. It shows up early in SER and on social networks expanding your content’s reach.

There are two ways to optimize content:

  1. SEO optimized Content, easily found, by Google and, other search engines.
  2. Social optimization helps you get your message out on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.


  • SEO and Content Marketing go hand-in-hand. To succeed you must use both when preparing content for your website.
  • Failing to integrate SEO with content marketing dooms your marketing campaign to failure.

2) Thought Leadership

How your blog should really be a stream of educational content, but how exactly does this benefit your company? Regardless of the industry, consider a thought leader creates a sense of trust from current and prospective customers. If you are an engineering product manufacturing company, specializing in electrical outlets, being a trusted source on all electronic things – from electricity conducts to electric cars and the latest innovation – will set your company aside from others in the industry. This educational content lets your potential consumers know the wealth of knowledge you have on your product and service, creating a trust.

The content must base on Buyer’s Persona and the Buyer’s Journey to build trust through established thought leadership. Buyer’s Persona represents ideal customers and the people who you create content for starts here. The goal should be to solve your personas’ problems through educating them. Similarly, the Buyer’s Journey focuses on what stage the perspective customer falls under – awareness, consideration, or decision. By catering content to fit the proper stage, it ensures that the buyer feels that we empathise and the buyer is in capable hands.

3) Attraction and Conversion

The first stage of the Inbound Methodology is to Attract. Inside this stage, the objective is to change over outsiders to guests, utilizing online journals, catchphrases, and social distributing. Content creation accomplishes all of this. If you are writing on relevant topics that visitors are searching for, and those pages are optimized for search you will start to rank higher in the search results and generate clicks through to your site.

The second stage of the Inbound Methodology is to Convert, which involves converting visitors to leads through forms, calls-to-action, and landing pages. While blog content does not necessarily fall under these practices, it leads visitors to these conversion opportunities. One of the best ways to optimize a blog to promote lead conversion involves adding a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the blog, encouraging the visitor to click to a landing page that is compelling enough from them to complete a form for your offer, turning them into known leads. By adding a CTA, your content then promotes lead conversion, proving another measurable effective tactic of content creation

4) Promotion and Sharing

In modern marketing, you not just simply produce content and leave it on the website to take up space – you share it. Social media sharing - first and foremost, promotes the content directly to your followers. After that, it goes a step further, encouraging your followers to share the post elsewhere. This can also encourage other publishers to share your content on their platforms as well, such as a similar engineering firm who found your article on electrical switches useful. In this way, your content begins to spread online by having more inbound links to your site, ultimately driving up your site authority with Google.

Immediately after posting a new blog post, you should have an automated email to send to your subscribed email list, letting them know new content is available and encouraging them to engage even further with you. If, social sharing buttons are optimized in the email, they can then sharing the content on social media is easy and forwarding your email along with your colleague, further promoting your content at no extra cost or effort for you. As the content is shared, your company name and site are also shared across emails, social media, and the Internet, gaining even more credibility and potential visitors that could convert to leads down the road.

Even today, some people still view blogging as just a personal hobby, but it clearly involves much more than that. In the ever-changing digital world, content creation has become more useful than ever for boosting SEO, establishing thought leadership and trust, attracting visitors and generating leads, and promotion and sharing.

What made content as desirable and impeccable part of Digital Marketing?

  • Creates Impression:
  • Researches have proved that customers make purchases on the brand if they can identify and feel a connection with them. You must have noticed major brands always hit the generic audience to show how they connected with them. For example, Levi’s campaign for Dust Collection specially designed for those who love to adventure. The campaign says, “I will not sit at home- Collection Dust”. These sorts of substance give an individual interest to a particular arrangement of age and urge them to be the piece of the brand. So, content creates an impression in audience’s mind which proves an important role in the field of marketing.

  • Encourage Engagement:
  • Good content encourages the audience to engage with your all updates and discussions. If content is genuinely worthy, a reader will scroll down and Read your content completely ? Share ?Like ? Comment on your piece of content. For more engagement, ensure that you share your content on social media channels, which will foster your relation more with the audience

  • Generate New Leads and Sales:
  • There is a lot of difference in Content related to Sales and Information sharing. Sales content always gives negative impact on your relationship with the audience. Try to educate them about your product rather than pitching a sales speech on them. Editorial Content always last a great impression and helps to get more leads and sale out of them.

  • SEO Friendly:
  • Original and good content is always SEO friendly. It acts as a catalyst in driving traffic to a website and increase viewership. Content that has pertinent data constantly thought to be best according to web indexes and advances your site on the highest point of the page, which expands greater perceivability. 92% of the marketers say that Content creation is either “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for SEO. Creating Content means that you have something to show and share with your audiences and engaging them as per your requirements. Always create a healthy content.

The Edelweiss Group

The Edelweiss Group is one of India's leading diversified financial services company providing a broad range of financial products and services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals. Edelweiss's products and services span multiple asset classes and consumer segments across domestic and global geographies.

The group has sizeable presence in large retail segment through its businesses such as Life Insurance, Housing Finance, Mutual Fund and Retail Financial Markets including Stock Broking.

Asset Base


Revenue FY16











  1. Edelweiss has won the “Bull of the Year Award 2014” at Zee Business Market Analyst Awards 2014.
  2. Edelweiss Tokio adjudged as a winner of “Top 100 Infosec Maestros Awards” in 2014. This award is given to, information security leaders in India.
  3. Edelweiss has won the “BFSI Vision 1st CSR Awards 2014 for distinction in promotion of Education”
  4. “India’s Best Company in the up to $500 mn market cap category” by the readers of Finance Asia in its 14th annual poll of Asia’s Best Companies 2014. This is the second time in a row that Edelweiss is has been voted similarly.
  5. Edelweiss Securities Ltd adjudged as the “Best Equity Broking House – Institutional” at the Dun & Bradstreet’s “BSE – D&B Equity Broking Awards 2014”.
  6. Edelweiss ranked as the “#2 Best Local Brokerage House in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2014”.
  7. Edelweiss Financial Services has been identifies amongst the “100 Most Valuable Brands of India in 2015” through a recent research study carried out by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC).
  8. Edelweiss Structured Products has won the SRP Award for being the “Best Private Banking Solution” at Asia-Pacific Structured Products and Derivatives Awards 2015.
  9. Edelweiss Broking won the “Best Equity Broking House (mid-size)” Award at the BSE – Dun & Bradstreet Equity Broking Awards 2015.
  10. The Economic Times Consumer Survey Report has listed Edelweiss amongst India’s “Most Promising Brands 2015” (Parameters: Innovation, Customer Experience, Value Proposition and Advocacy).
  11. Edelweiss rated as the “Best Broker” in India in the Finance Asia (Hong Kong) Country Awards 2016.
  12. Edelweiss Group again won the award for “Best Corporate Governance, India, 2016” from the London, UK, based Capital Finance International Jury, having earlier won it in 2013.
  13. Edelweiss awarded as the “BBC Knowledge, National Digital Marketing Awards, 2017” for the Best Mobile App in Consumer Service.
  14. Edelweiss awarded as the “ABP BFSI Awards, 2017” for the Best use of Mobile Technology in Financial Sector.
  15. Edelweiss Private Wealth Management awarded at the Asian Private Banker – 7th Awards for Distinction 2017, for “Excellence in Wealth Management, India Domestic”.
  16. Edelweiss Insurance Brokers awarded as “The Insurance Broker of the Year” at the ET NOW BFSI Awards 2018.
  17. Edelweiss awarded as the “Global Digital Marketing Awards” for Best Use of Video in SME Business Loans TVC.

The Financial Products of Edelweiss Group are:


  • Retail Credit

Edelweiss has a robust retail credit offering and solutions designed to address an array of financing needs. Our wide footprint across the country, enables us to promptly and efficiently cater to a cross section of customers, across Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, MSMEs and SMEs, offering them quick turnaround times, helping them deploy the funds faster.


1) Perspective Research

Our research approach aims at:

  • Building perspectives based on ‘connecting-the-dots’ to identify emerging economy-wide themes
  • Analysing the macro-economic themes, taking into account global and Indian factors and policy changes to arrive at macro-strategic hypotheses about the potential impact on various sectors. This helps not only in creating latest updates and revisions but often spotlights emerging sectors or aspirants that possess high potential growth
  • Distilling these hypotheses to understand and predict the impact on specific stocks within these sectors
  • Using quantitative and qualitative screening mechanisms to identify under-valued, high performing companies from emerging sectors which operate in areas where India has a clear edge over the rest of the world.

Alternative And Quantitative Research

Our Alternative and Quantitative Research generates innovative, quantitatively originated ideas, backed by detailed fundamental understanding.

We generate a host of alternative investment strategies that cover the entire spectrum of opportunities:

  • Opportunistic market-timing – e.g. leveraged positions and synthetic positions
  • Market-neutral opportunities – e.g. simultaneous long/short positions in stocks, sectors and indices
  • Special situation arbitrage – e.g. event-driven arbitrage opportunities
  • Interest / Volatility arbitrage – e.g. cash-future and dispersion trades

Objective of Digital Content Writing

Excellence in Digital Publishing Award for Marketing
A brand that has been able to use excellent content in the form of a blog, social media, website or any other form of marketing that involves content delivery.

Describe the campaign in brief - Marketing challenges and objectives

The Financial Service industry looked upon as, a complex and jargon heavy industries. More so, personalization and right advisory has been lacking in the industry overall. Most investors in India are people who have surplus money and want to invest, but most of them do not know where to invest. They are people, who are good at what they do, but they do not understand the Dynamics of financial market and cannot keep up with them and adding to that the financial Jargons and it just decreases their interest in the financial market.

The answer was to Simplify! To move away from a typical financial service provider approach to a more personalized, client centric approach. From selling them everything to asking them - what do you want to do? From giving them jargons to educating them more about the economy and the financial markets, from keeping it boring to making it more interactive. is a Not-so-Financial looking financial website. It is Simple, intuitive; customer journey oriented website that serves a rich mix of content it is educative, informative, interactive and available across the website. The content is served not just as article but as videos, slideshows, infographics, charts and as commentary too. Our Insights, read research, market sections are few hub spots of rich and fresh content generated almost daily.

We realized that our role in the industry was not just to create and market products and offerings but also empower our users with the right data, information and tools thereby enabling them to make the right financial decisions and grow their wealth. being our transactional website, served the best platform to achieve this objective.

Key challenges:

  1. To identify key areas of interest for the target audience.
  2. To ensure that the content on the website evolves with the reader.
  3. To build content that is visually appealing, i.e. video’s and infographics (without losing stickiness).
  4. Most importantly- to ensure that content drives engagement via attracting more profit.

Describe how the campaign was executed?
While we were designing the site, the most critical problem we faced was how to show so much data, information and customized content in a manner that make sense to the audience. A lot of focus therefore, laid on the visual design of the website.

Clean and simple typography based approach, which makes it unlike any other financial website in the industry. It is fresh, clutter free, modern extremely easy to consume. The colours used are light in shade, which makes it soothing to the eyes even if when consumed for longer duration of time.

Conversational approach helps creating user journey so that a customer can easily invest without needing to understand Complex market terminology. This is amply demonstrated in Guided portfolios and Self Investing screens too. Uni-directional content flow used across the site, which means – The content that he prefers more will be on top and then followed by less important information. Also nowhere on the website, you will find the content placed in adjacent columns, which lead to clutter and confusion.

Content Writing Sections:

  1. Watch Markets
  2. Market Notification


    Stock Notification


  3. Read Research
  4. Stock Specific Reports


    Sector Specific


    Markets and Economy


    Short Term Reports


    Video Reports




  5. Gain Knowledge:
  6. Articles






    Get better at investing (Videos)





1. The areas to be focused for creating a Content are:

  • Quality of the Content - Grammar
  • Format
  • Scripts for the video’s
  • Verified facts and figures

2. The area of engagement with the audience and the end results:

  • Comment Section
  • Comments section gives us an opportunity to interact with the customers and in return provide them with the correct response leading to the rise of delighted customer, customer retention, it also encourages customer-to-customer interactions, also at times the user generates its own content which may in turn lead to a whole new discussion.

  • Rating
  • Ratings gained from the customer helps the Edelweiss Team to make any necessary changes required or any areas of improvements which are expected from the customers, this will help in the betterment of the company as well as in satisfying the need of the customers.

  • Sharing
  • We make sure that the content published on the website has a medium through which the audience can share on various social platforms to their colleagues, friends or family. Thus, leads to the rise of a promotional activity.

3. Wider reach to the audience:

As the promotional activity takes place amongst the audience, there are chances that people might view the financial products and services, which Edelweiss provides, thus, may lead to conversion of a Stranger into a Potential Customer.


  • Page viewers = 60,000 per week
  • Conversion Ratio = 1-2%
  • Overall = 4,00,000 visitors/month
  • Conversion Ratio (due to content) = 0.01%
  • Youtube = from 1500 to 6000 viewers (as on 2017-18)

Suggestions and Recommendations

The Edelweiss Content Team should inculcate various additions in their daily routine like:
  1. Automate the Market Commentary instead of manually doing it at a particular time frame.
  2. SEO optimize every article in order to generate more traffic on the website.
  3. The articles promoted not only to the external clients but also to the internal clients and the employees to increase the number of visits on the website portal.


The World is running on the paths of Digitalization. The Digital Content generated is the need of the time. Working with Edelweiss Wealth Management was a pleasure for me and it helped me to know every aspect of the Finance Industry as well as learning how the Digital media helps to generate revenue.

The main learning here in Edelweiss, was that how it managed to achieve a great success in such a short span of time because of Quality Work and a Healthy Brand Image. The main aim is to generate Brand awareness and increase the number of visitors on the website.

Thus, the overall learning experience with the Content Team was worth mentioning. The challenges faced to promote such a difficult product in the market and overcoming them successfully is worth the compliments.




  • Media Reports
  • Press Releases
  • General Insurance Council
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Union Budget 2017-18

Authored by:

Mr. Arun Patil
Ms. Sailee Kailas Varsekar
MMS Student, MET IOM

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