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Knowledge At MET

Knowledge At MET

Novel M&T Combo-1 model (distillator and granule dryer)


An attempt was made here to make a novel machine which not only carries out distillation process efficiently but also works as a dryer. The combination of these equipments avoids the drawbacks given by the conventional models such as Drum dryer and Spray dryer. The equipment produces water for injection (W.F.I) by double distillation and utilizes the thermal energy generated to dry the granules or the coated tablets.

Design: It has 2 compartments with an assembly of pipes running through them. Drying is carried out in the lower compartment. When water flows through pipes, it is double distilled and the dryer utilizes the heat produced inside for drying the granules.


This novel equipment produces W.F.I according to the specified standards as checked by various tests. It utilizes the thermal energy produced during distillation to dry the granules or the tablets.

Conclusion: High amount of energy is required for drying the granules. Careful control over the temperature, film thickness, and vacuum is needed in Drum drying process.

Spray dryer is very bulky and requires an atomizer to create fine droplets which tends to get clogged. Microwave driers have small batch size and can cause damage to organs of the operator. All these drawbacks are overcome by M&T COMBO model. It also decreases the cost of production considerably. This M&T COMBO equipment can offer a great aid to the pharmaceutical industry.

Mandar Valavalkar (Final Y B Pharm),
Tejas Phatak (T Y B Pharm)
Rohan Awate (T Y B Pharm)

Tags: MET Institute of Pharmacy