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Deadly predators are usually linked with strength, speed, time and power. But what if you are still a humbler predator, in search of fresh meat, without hands or feet, slow as a snail, small and crushable, fragile as a blob? You'll have to resort to subtler means like a chemical warfare - venoms!

Where did venoms come from, how did the killing delivery system develop, what happens inside the body of a venom victim, now investigators are in search of the world's most deadliest venomous animals, sampling their deadly venom, in a surprising quest, not just to see how they can kill us; but also how they can save us.

Toxins are actually proteins just like the proteins inside our body that guide our cells what to do, when to do it, how to do; except for the fact that they are mutated proteins. These mutated proteins demand our cells to do wrong things.

Antivenoms can cure venom infected victims. Production of antivenoms is similar to production of vaccines. Small amount of venom is injected in the body of an animal. Antibody produced by the animals are extracted, purified and injected in human body. They bind to the toxins and neutralize them.

Many venomous animals have been a boon for mankind. One among the many is Sydney's brown snake whose venom has been used in many cases of accident to stop the blood flow, by clotting the blood. The next in the long list of utilitarian venomous animals, is the Hila monster. The venom of this animal, belonging to the lizard family, has been said to heal the most talked – of disease – diabetes. Speaking of the Sydney's next famous noxious, but noteful arthropod– the Australian Funnel web spider, is famous for its ability to cure diabetes as well.

On the whimsical, sunny coasts of Sydney, under the crystal clear tempting caressing water, resides the aquatic animal whose venom can kill you in minutes. The two most dangerous aquatic animals, that release a venom 1,00,000 times more powerful then Morphine are the Porcupine Puffer fish and the Blue ringed Octopus. The incurable, smothering pain caused by Sphinxes disease can be only be reduced by these venoms.

Even the most modest and seemingly unharmful animals like frogs have the ability to kill adult human. Poisons of frogs like the Golden poison Frog and the Giant monkey frog have been associated with treatment of diseases.

Arizona houses a variety of scorpions. In the calm deserts of Arizona, lurking proudly in the darks, are the two most venomous scorpions the Hadari scorpion and the Death Stalker Scorpion. The venom of these arthropods is used for cleaning up cancer cells. Researcher from Alabama say that the cholortoxin poison when injected in brain, stops Bluma brain cancer.

Slow, helpless and weak; the only defense that the conshell textile has is, its sharp needle like beak. But don't let yourself be fooled by the gestures of this shell its venom can be the last thing you wanted to deal with. The strong venom is used to reduce cancer pain.

This field provides a array of research in pharmaceutical world. So next time you encounter these animals make sure you back off, but with all due respect…..!

Deepashri Rane

T. Y. B. Pharm

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