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Knowledge At MET


Who's your favorite superhero? Is it the BATMAN, who puts the miscreant behind the bars or is it SPIDER-MAN, who does kind of the same job with cracking good jokes frequently? Or SUPERMAN ? Or the heroic CAPTAIN AMERICA? Or the environmentalist FLYING JATT, SHAKTIMAN, KRISH ?

Why do we love them? Because they are benevolent, helpful, amiable & makes the world a better place to live. When there's darkness everywhere, they shine bright, being the only glimpse of hope.

They are the light that trumps darkness every-time. Resembling courage and strength they are the men of valor, they are the SUPERHEROES. Aren't we all living a life of a hit fictional superhero movie over the past two years?

We had a wicked villain CORONA, had tragedies, actions, people like me adding some humor to the trauma, basically plot of a super-hit, blockbuster movie.But blockbuster movies require brave heroes. So let me introduce to y'all the SUPERHERO of this movie, 'THE COMMON MAN'. Don't be in a haste to judge our hero. Remember what SRK said? "Don't Underestimate the power of a common man". I know, I know, Now y'all will ask okay not underestimating but what are his superpowers then? Our superhero had the most powerful weapon within him, "HUMANITY". A weapon capable of crushing Corona in bits.

When we had no vaccines, COMMON MEN came forward to help each other. We were in the middle of the pandemic, where some of our fellow brothers were getting weak, not having the strength to walk more through this pandemic. All they needed was a shoulder of support, a hand holding them telling I'll not let you fall or fail in your life . Our Superhero, our COMMON MAN did it.

Yes, I'm grateful to all the celebs, youth and public figures who came forward to help the people of our country, who worked on the ground bringing smiles on helpless faces. Not to forget the doctors and medical staff , the police, the frontline warriors, to whom we will eternally be in debt.

They are the greatest heroes in this story. Their intelligence, bravery & compassion are the saving grace of this world during this dark episode. I thank them for their service to humanity.

But let us not forget to acknowledge the beauty of our country's people. The unity we showed amid the pandemic. People were offering any kind of help to each other, be it financially or in any other forms. We saw people checking up on their employees, colleagues, neighbors and everybody around where caste, creed and religion was no bar. We saw youth coming forward, distributing food and clothes to the needy. Many people even took care of the street dogs. Some started teaching kids in their society for free when online education was not in effect. Many rickshaws turned themselves into ambulances for free to fill in the scarcity caused due to immense chaos and prime need of the hour . Everyone helped each other as they knew they have the greatest power within themselves, 'power of humanity' and indeed they've also watched Spiderman so they also knew, WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.

When spiders ( common man) unite, they can tie down the lizard (corona). Even if we were divided on the basis of caste, religion, etc. when tragedy punched us in the face, we all united to punch tragedy back. Especially we youths , because education taught us there's no need of discrimination as humanity is above all. I wish we continue to be united, facing the bad as well as celebrating the good times together. Let us take a moment and thank our superheroes , our common men for having each other's back. May we continue to spread love and be united, as WHERE THERE IS UNITY THERE IS ALWAYS VICTORY.

Krushika Soni

S. Y. B. Pharm

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