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Knowledge At MET


I wish things were back to normal again”, a phrase that’s become quite popular in the last year. With rising cases in many countries, stay at home orders put in place to control the spread of COVID-19 have been testing people’s physical and mental health. Corona phase is depression time for some people and time for self assessment for some. One can consider the impact of the pandemic on mental health in two phases. First phase is the acute phase, which coincides with the lockdown. The second phase will unfold in the months ahead, as the virus starts to get contained, but the economic fallout of the pandemic begins to bite deeper. In the midst of the acute phase, people are terrified of the virus, of dying, or loved ones contracting this disease. People are scared of being quarantined, being isolated, maintaining physical distance. People are distressed during the pandemic period. Many women suffer from anxiety and

depression; this may be due to increased household responsibilities. Many children had experienced anxiety during the lockdown. Many are worried about online classes, village students are facing so many problems due to poor network availability, and some have stopped their education because of poverty and unavailability of network facilities. Students are under, stress and irritable from being unable to go out. Students are distracted because of mobiles, laptops and they are attracted to social media causing a negative impact on their mindsets.

The entire nation was strongly impacted during this phase. It is because many people lost their jobs during corona.

The corona warriors are under a lot of mental pressure as they are over worked. So many people are distracted during a pandemic because of changes in daily life. Everyone’s life totally changed after the first wave. There is disruption of public transportation, the lack of access to poor people are depressed because of poverty and lack of food ,money in this corona time.

Someone’s said that “Everything has positive and negative consequences”, so this pandemic situation also has some positive side. This corona time is helpful for self assessment. This time taught us a lot of things. It taught us the importance of self-reliance , Importance of family, and how happiness lies in the small things.

We realized how dependent we’ve always been on those who nurture us and take care of our homes and health. We've learnt some skills and are more independent than ever before. We’ve learnt how to face any problems.

From the last two years, another realization has been about our family’s integral role in our lives. Some people stayed alone during this scary phase, they suffered so many problems because of this tough phase. This pandemic made us socially distant as they connected with loved ones and family.

Shrutika Damri

S. Y. B. Pharm

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