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Knowledge At MET

Knowledge At MET


  1. From concoction to legend:Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a local pharmacist, developed the syrup for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia in He took it to another local pharmacy for their opinion. They mixed carbonated water to the syrup and sold the delicious and refreshing drink for 5 cents a glass. Oblivious of his mark on history, John Pemberton sold his rights to his partners. Before his death two years later in 1888, he sold the last of the rights to businessman, Mr.Asa G. Candler who helped turn a pharmacist's little concoction into a booming success.
  2. Electrical Experimenting : Before he discovered electricity, Benjamin Franklin dispensed medicine as a He worked as a clerk in a local mercantile store, where he dispensed medicines, herbs and other cures. Interested in health and naturally inquisitive, with the discovery of electricity he tried administering electrical shock on patients suffering with paralysis to stimulate movement. He found only temporary improvement and saw no advantage to the treatment. In the early 21st century, doctors continue to use the concept of electrical stimulation for immobile muscles.
  3. Pocket Penicillin :During World War II, Britain feared that the Germans would invade their country and consequently, get a hold of their As a preventative measure, researchers smeared pocket linings with the penicillin mold to transport to the U.S.
  4. An accidental therapy : According to Chinese legend, the benefits of acupuncture were discovered when a soldier who had suffered from a stiff shoulder for many years was cured when an enemy arrow hit him in the leg!
  5. He was invincible: Mithridates the Great of Pontus (a region of Persia) was in constant battle with Because he feared being poisoned, he would concoct different poisons and swallow them himself to build up a resistance. When the day came that he actually wanted to kill himself, he tried to poison himself, but it wouldn’t work.
  6. Columbus in search of herbs :The discovery of America is linked to Western civilisation’s search for easier access to rare spices and Columbus was, in fact, hoping to open trade routes for these substances when he blundered into the West Indies and the Age of Exploration unveiled the New World.

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