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Knowledge At MET


MEPHEDRONE was commonly used as plant fertilizer and it has medicinal value as an ANAESTHETIC agent, but nowadays it has become a drug of ABUSE.

It is a synthetic stimulant drug of the amphetamine and cocaine classes. It is a cheap substitute to cocaine and appears as a white or off-white powder which is either snuffed (takes few minutes to take effect) or swallowed (takes half an hour to reach peak plasma levels). The drug is currently not on the list of banned drugs under NDPS Act, 1958 but it is produced illegally under the pretext of fertilizer. The drug costs ` 150/gm which is much cheaper than cocaine which costs ` 3000/gm. Unlike other drugs which are bought from peddlers and dealers it can be ordered online via the internet pharmacy website. The drug is popular with different names such as meow-meow, M-CAT, white cocaine, book etc. It produces effects like alertness, euphoria, excitement, talkativeness, self confidence, a feeling of stimulation with adverse effects like loss of appetite, increased BP, clenching of muscle, tremors, headache, anxiety, chest pain, difficulty in urinating, change in body temperature.

Many countries have banned this drug, of which ISRAEL is the first to ban in 2008 followed by EUROPE in 2010. It is a new drug in India, still sold legally. Mephedrone is a powerful recreational drug with effects similar to amphetamine and ecstasy. If not controlled immediately, meow-meow will hit an epic proportion as it is legally sold in INDIA.

Shrijal Mehta


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