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Knowledge At MET

Knowledge At MET

Nutraceuticals: The Most Self Medicated Products

In 2010, the Indian nutraceutical market approximately stood at $20 billion. It was a pretty huge amount even after considering the functional foods and beverages. It has always been a common belief that loading yourself with supplements would enhance your physical and mental abilities though never is proven to be true. Results of surveys regarding the same, be it vitamins or minerals is conflicting. The concept of taking a vitamin supplement is not only fueled by the advertisements but also by the medical professionals. Most of the prescriptions that are given contain either a vitamin or a mineral supplement or both. Mostly these supplements are vitamin B complex or Vitamin C. These are water soluble vitamins. Excess of these vitamins are excreted in the urine after giving a fluorescent yellow colour due to presence of riboflavin. Though it was previously assumed that Vitamin B complex was devoid of toxicity because it was excreted out, there have been reports of toxicity by excess of Vitamin B6. Symptoms like pain, numbness, difficulty in walking, have been observed in extreme cases when the patient has taken more than 1000mg per day. Most of these supplements are self medicated and tend to exceed the normal dosage, which later has adverse consequences. Thus it is very important to know which vitamins can be self medicated and which needs to be prescribed in order to prevent its adverse consequences. The proverb,” Prevention is better than cure” can be completely personified here.


Sahana Ray



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