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Management Development Programme on ‘Doing Business with China’

Management Development Programme on ‘Doing Business with China’

Management Development Programme on ‘Doing Business with China’

An MDP on ‘Doing Business with China’ was conducted by MET and GREAT (The Global Research Education and Training Institute) at the MET Convention centre. The programme was facilitated by MET faculty along with International experts Murray Lee (USA) and Joseph Fernandez (Hong Kong).

The seminar examined the current situation in China from a balance perspective, tracing historical circumstances and decisions that have allowed China to get here. Participants learnt what it takes to source product and do business in China while tying in Chinese culture dynamics.

The main aim of this seminar was to enhance practical understanding in order to enable effective interactions. They used tools like simulations, interactive online instructional resources along with virtual experiences. Participants included, MET students, corporates and International trade professionals

The key characteristics of the programme were:

  • Focus on practical understanding
  • Utilise theoretical research findings as a foundation for educational and training initiatives
  • Build on the theoretical foundation by utilising tools such as games and simulations comprised of real world elements
  • Enhance the programmes with targeted real world ‘field’ experiences

The two days programme covered:

  • Introduction to China
  • China’s Rise: From an impoverished communist republic to global economic powerhouse
  • The Chinese people & their culture
  • The manufacturing landscape in China
  • The Chinese Market: an overview
  • Simulation: doing business in China - sourcing from China
  • Simulation de brief
  • From theory to practical understanding: specific lessons about China
  • Relevance of the lessons on China for India today
  • Open forum / questions & answers
  • Conclusion / feedback