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It was an immense pleasure to learn at such a reputed institute (MET ICS) with high quality of education delivered by expert faculties.The institute has given me the most valuable 3 years of my life where I developed my technical and verbal skills along with a job in a renowned company. As they say, 'MET makes you sharper than the rest', so be ready to experience the change in you.
- Salil Raje (MCA)
As I look back at the 3 years at MET ICS, I can truly say that life has been splendid here. An amazing environment coupled with great faculty helpedme imbibe knowledge, instilled confidence in me and improved my personality. Sincere thanks to everyone in the MET ICS family for their encouragement and constant support. They have played a crucial role in shaping me. This place has given me beautiful memories and some amazing friends whom I'll cherish forever. Thank you MET for making this journey a pleasant one.
- Kamal Prajapati (MCA)

As I share my experience with MET ICS, I always feel proud to talk about our professors who shaped us and prepared us for the corporate world. Every professor is very friendly, helpful and last but not least really open-minded.
I have never before learned so much about myself and about where I want to go in the future. I have improved several skills, especially my technical skills. MET ICS is an excellent institute for anyone who wants to pursue an IT career.
- Bianca Misquitta (MCA)
MET ICS has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my education, boosted my self-confidence and allowed me to discover more about myself. The faculty members at MET ICS are all experts in their respective fields and as such are able to provide excellent technical knowledge to the students. The faculty and staff are very helpful and were always present to clear our doubts and lead us on the right path. This Institute has all of the best facilities under one roof - state of the art infrastructure, professional faculty members, well stocked libraries, good computer labs, sports and recreation area which has a music & karaoke system and musical instruments for students to try their hands on. Last, but not the least, the training and placement department provided me an excellent opportunity during my internship as well as final placement.
- Pankaj Khairnar (MCA)


"My MBA degree helps in understanding the professional management approach in Bollywood.It helps me understand the strengths of 'John Abraham' - the brand and maximise my earnings. The MBA degree has given me a sense of worldly wisdom and empowers me to utilise my resources to the fullest."
John Abraham,
International Celebrity

"I had the most memorable time studying at MET. The faculty was most helpful and guided me at every step in honing my core competencies. I thank all those who guided me for the wonderful experience. To the students I would like to narrate a few lines from Zen tradition: Those who keep their minds open to new concepts - those whose cups are always empty - will always move to higher levels of achievement and fulfilment."
Tarun Katial, CEO,
Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.

"The brilliant faculty and their passion to business motivated me to think 'out of the box'. People at MET are collectively a group of intellectual, outgoing, bright people that enjoy spending time together. It was a great source of inspiration & team work. During my campus days at MET, I worked with a variety of business cases & was exposed to many different industries. MET gave me the opportunity to work with top organisations in India & overseas. My learning curve at MET was steeper than expected."
Gautam Gulati, COO,
KIAH Lifestyle


"……the paper is a result of the Vidya Setu project conceptualised by Mumbai Educational Trust…..The project has been widely appreciated and circulated among UN's 192 member nations. 'We are now awaiting approval from the academic council, following which Vidya Setu will become part of the curriculum'.
- Hindustan Times
"To sensitise management students on conserving energy and water, MET B-School is launching its energy conservation and water management project...As a inculcate an attitude in the GenNext to protect nature from revenging destruction in the name of economic development of the nation, MET envisaged this mission."
- WSP, The Times of India
"…….India's first-ever B-School offers a full-time programme in Journalism, Advertising & Entertainment ......... With the idea of training students of mass media in business aspects of the industry, the MET Institute of Mass Media has introduced new courses that focus on business management……"
- The Times of India
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