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MET Institute of Mass Media proudly hosted Amole Gupte Cinema's Theatre and Cinema Studies initiative at MET, Bandra on July 25, 2009. Celebrity stars, Shahid Kapur and Aditi Govitrikar and film-makers Shriram Raghvan and Vishal Bharadwaj were present during the special screening. He is the star but for a change Shahid Kapur was in audience instead, cheering on a whole new bunch of little debutants.
The first screening of a short film, a conclusive summer workshop exercise, scripted, acted and directed by the children of Pali Chimbai Municipal School and Santacruz Municipal School.
"Our society typically slots the financially challenged for menial or vocational jobs. My interaction with the children of Pali Chimbai Municipal School and Santacruz Municipal School made me realize the immense talent they possess. They therefore must be given opportunities for careers that will allow them to exercise their latent talent." Says Amole Gupte, their theatre and cinema teacher, fulcrum of this initiative who is also MET IMM Faculty.
The occasion has also earmarked the announcement of a special tie-up between Amole Gupte Cinema and MET Institute of Mass Media for such workshops in future. Says Trustee - MET League of Colleges, "MET is an NGO in Special Consultative status with the United Nations as well as an Educational Trust always look for causes to serve the society. When Amole Gupte shared this idea with us, we decided to support the cause by hosting the event. We will be happy to continue supporting such social causes in future."
The film ‘Aasoo Bane Moti’ is the result of the efforts of the children in assimilating cinematic knowledge – both technical and emotional and theatre knowledge – both experiential and subliminal on a regular basis for the last one and a half years with the guidance of his dedicated team of facilitators – F. Ansari, J. Rai and A. Gole.

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