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Welcome to the exciting world of mass media. A world that is full of front-end glamour and back-end perspiration. One that equips you to influence billions of minds using your creative thoughts.

In today's radically changing world, each day, new tools are becoming available, new technologies are emerging, new trends are being followed and new needs are cropping up. Each day new frontiers are being crossed, new barriers are being broken and new innovations are being launched. In these competitive times if one has to excel, one has to acquire expertise, hone skills and expand knowledge.

At the MET Institute of Mass Media, in addition to what the textbooks teach you, we will throw you into the deep end of the pool, sink you into project work, drown you with case studies, and rope in experts who have gone the distance in the business of communication. We will take you as close to the real world in your chosen profession, so that when you dive into your career, you will take to it like a fish to water.

MET Institute of Mass Media offers the following Post Graduate programmes:

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