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OLD IS NO GOLD (Advertising Event)
An old brand or a brand that no longer exists will be given to the participants to rebrand it altogether by coming up with a new brand personality, brand positioning and campaign idea. A TVC will have to be shot by the participants and submitted previously. Brands will be given during the CL meet. Campaign idea will have to be presented in a PowerPoint format all participants must be present during the screening of the event.

• Logo
• Tagline
• Campaign line
• Print ad

Rules & Regulations
• No. of participants: 1 team per college(5 students per team)
• Deliverables: 2Print ads and 1 TVC
• Video format: .mp4 or .movor .avi
• Podium finish: 3
• Submission date for TVC: 6th December 2016 before 4 pm in CD with a unique code given at the CL meet
• Late submissions will not be entertained
• You will be judged according to your creative thinking that goes along with the brand personality.

THE END (Entertainment Event)
Short Films have always been an important aspect of every media festival. It's a platform to let loose your creative self and let the world see through your 'lens'. But what fun would that be if it didn't have a twist to it? All participants will be given a common beginning to a story. Moving forward, it is up to them to take the viewer through the plot, build up the climax and the conclusion. This is a major shout out forall emerging directors, cinematographers, writers and editors…the future of the entertainment industry!

Rules & Regulations
• No. of participants: 1 team per college
• Duration of the film: 3-4 minutes (excluding credits)
• Format: Non - linear
• Podium finish: 2
• All participants must be present while screening of the film.
• Participants need to shoot everything. No usage of stock footage.
• Submission date for Short Film: 6th December 2016 before 4 pm*
• Late submissions will not be entertained

TWEET STORY (Photography Event)
Each participant will be given 2 hours wherein they have the chance to roam around nearby areas and click photographs. Beneath each photograph will be a tweet (140 characters). The photographs and the tweet beneath them should be woven into a beautiful story. Can you bring a twist to your tweet through your photographs?

Judging Criteria:
• The Photographs
• The captions (tweet) for the photographs
• Overall story telling
• Each image submitted must be original and the participant must be its sole copyright owner.
• Only RAW images will be accepted.
• RAW images need to be submitted as well.
• Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed.
•Only basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, or simple cropping will be allowed.

Rules & Regulations
• No. of participants: 2 participants (One writer + one photographer) per college
• Participants need to bring their own DSLR compulsorily.
• Genre: Any genre acceptable
• Max. photographs: 10, (Min. photographs: 8)
• Podium finish: 3
• Participants have to get their own USB cords

BREAK IT AND MAKE IT (Journalism Event)
Each participant will be given a topic on which they have to prepare a report and present it in a television news format. However, the twist is that while they are presenting, they will be interrupted and given a piece of breaking news. The challenge is to be able to maintain your calm in such a difficult situation and carry forward the news with poise and diligence.

Rules & Regulations
• No vulgarity or foul language allowed
• No extra time will be allotted
• Mixing of previous article with the current one will not be entertained
• Points awarded will be split in two parts, but combined scores will be considered
• Communicating with other participants will result in negative marking
• No. of participants: Individual – 1 participant per college
• Podium finish: 3

"Washing powder Nirma… Washing powder Nirmaaa…" didn't you sing this entire classic Nirma jingle in your mind? That is the power of an unforgettable musical jingle. Radio & advertising being the most powerful mass communication tool reaching to the maximum, one cannot ignore it in today's world. Learn what goes on behind the scene in the making of a lovable musical jingle by the legendary Mr. Louis Banks, Gino Banks & Mr. Vinay Mandke.

The entertainment industry is replete with stalwarts and intellectuals who are pioneers and have left their indelible mark not only in one particular arena but in multiple sectors. Their stories are not only inspiring but also extremely noteworthy. Their passion, dedication and need to interrupt the routine and venture forward to embrace innovative paths are exemplary – it is in sync with our theme and in tune with our ideology. The younger generation of those who are trailblazers in the entertainment industry too are willing to venture into the unknown, uncharted paths and enrich their fields.
Metamorphosis 2016 thus welcomes you to be a part of the story of our beloved Marathi dignitaries, their journey and their adventure.

Life is all a game and as the saying goes 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. From international games like Football to our much loved Indian games like Kabaddi, this talk show aims to help you look at the field of sports with different perspectives. Not only will it talk about the importance of strategy but it will also get into the depths of team work and highlight ways to maximize your performance on the field. Join us as renowned personalities indulge in an interesting conversation only at METamorphosis 2016.

Digital has an immense impact on our lives as it has bought the world closer. This is an opportunity to understand the digital ecosystem and the importance of digital in future. Various aspects of digital marketing in the current scenario will be explained. Learning digital is very important as it forms an integral part in the current job scenario. MET Institute of Mass Media welcomes you for the Demystifying Digital Marketing Workshop which will help you gain the knowledge of the changing scenario in the marketing industry.

FUTSAL (Rink Football)
• Futsal is played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper Unlimited substitutions are permitted.
Unlike some other forms of indoor football
• The game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines, walls or boards are not used.

Rules & Regulations
• 7 in a team (5 boys + 2 girls)
• No studs allowed
• No use of foul language
• Game duration 14 min
• Referees decision is final

Chamber quest is a game of 4 tasks. The game will test your ability to communicate and co-ordinate as a team.

Rules & Regulations
• 4 MEMBERS IN EACH GROUP (two girls in the team is compulsory).
• The first team to complete the task wins the game.
• All props used in the event will be non-hazardous.
• Every team will be briefed about the respective rules of each game.
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