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Anandvan 2015-16

'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Comes True: Secondary Section

MET Rishikul Vidyalaya celebrates its annual day 'Anandvan' every year, with great fervour and zest. December 2015 witnessed the most industrious time in MRV's theatre. For the first time, MRVites proudly presented a Shakespearean drama- 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and it was performed with utter proficiency. It was surely a 'dream-come-true' for MRV students, teachers and all those who associated themselves with it.

The evening of 23rd December 2015 was adorned by the presence of MRV trustees. Students from Grade VI to Grade IX put their hearts and souls into the preparations of this special day. Diligent efforts of different teams such as Drama, Dance, Music, Audio-Visuals, Props and Production set an expert pedestal and brought forth the best of the students' capacity.

The recital began with a handsome rendition of traditional Greek folk dance by the students of Grad X, taking the audience into the enthralling world of Greek tradition and the magic of love. Majestic dances, incredible acting and of course, the grandeur of Shakespearean language was a true 'Shakespeareance' for the parents. A mesmerised audience walked out of the auditorium with nothing but pride, contentment and smiles on their faces.

Charandas Chor: Primary

MET Rishikul Vidyalaya primary section enthusiastically rehearsed and participated in Anandvan the annual fest which was based on their own version of the popular play, 'Charandas Chor',. The outline of the story is that Charandas, a common thief, finds himself a 'guru' and makes a vow to him that he will, from there on, only tell the truth, no matter what the circumstance. The story gets interesting as Charandas always finds himself in the trickiest of situations, where he could normally get away with lying. But, despite being a thief, Charandas is a man of his word. He sticks to his vow and only speaks the truth. The story unwinds and gives way to a lot of comic situations and drama.

The play had the audience glued to their seats as the comic timing of the young students was brilliant. That, mixed with their innocence and earnest acting skills stood out. The song and dance numbers kept the pace of the play and they danced and sang beautifully. They enjoyed every bit of the play right from the numerous after-school rehearsals till the actual final act. They performed effortlessly, enacted like theatre artistes, danced with a lot of elegance, spoke with utmost confidence and overall, had a lot of fun, being a part of the show and keeping the audience captivated throughout!


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