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Educational excursions have been an intrinsic element of the MET Rishikul Vidyalaya (MRV) since its inception. MRV perceives field trips to be an essential part of its educational mission, since students are exposed to diverse cultures, cuisines, languages, traditions, religions, beliefs and much more.

December seemed to be quite an adventurous month for the students of MRV. Grade IV students went on a three day road trip to Raigad, Pratapgad, and Panchagani. They visited the Fort of Pratapgad, which is located on the hills of Sahyadri, at Mahableshwar. Students found it remarkable to see the age old fort still so well maintained and were amazed by the manner in which the sentries communicated with each other from the watch towers. The students also visited Raigad – the capital of Shivaji’s kingdom. It was here that the famous Maratha ruler was crowned ‘Chhatrapati’ and the same place where he died. Since Raigad is situated at a high altitude the students had to resort to ropeways for travel. But it was all worthwhile as they got the unique opportunity to see the interiors of the impregnable Raigad Fort, which is situated at the highest peaks of the Sahyadri Mountains.

Likewise, students of Grade V were soaked in the scenery on their train journey to Indore. They visited the Tafreeh Agro Park where they gained practical exposure to farming, brick making, composting and herbal pesticides. They visited Kasturbagram, which gave them an insight into the life of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife Kasturba Gandhi. At Gaushala they learnt the importance of cows and bulls and how they benefit man and the environment. The students were overwhelmed with joy to relive a part of India’s glorious history in the walled city of Mandu. This city has 84 forts and is celebrated for its fine architecture. The place is celebrated for its military significance. Students saw mock replicas of the army exercise area, which made them realize the importance of team spirit and healthy competition.

Educational excursions are always educative and crucial for the all around development of children. It develops interest among them and encourages them to think critically. The students returned with great enthusiasm, eager to share the thrills and activities of their exploratory journey with their loved ones. A physical journey is indeed an intellectual learning!

Following suit, Grades VI, VII and VIII visited the state of Punjab, one of India's most prosperous states. Punjab boasts of a fertile farming land, is the home to Bhangra music and is the origin of the Sikh religion. The students were delighted to see the exquisite Golden Temple and the Durgiana temple where they were guided by the principle: 'Service to mankind.' The Jallianwala Bagh, a public garden in the beautiful city of Amritsar houses a memorial of national importance and the retreating ceremony at the Wagah border evoked nationalistic sentiments in our young brigadiers. The capital city Chandigarh, which is a modern day planned city, taught the students the significance of efficient planning and execution. Students got the opportunity to connect with nature at the unparallelled Rock Garden and the Zakir Gulab Bag, popularly known as Rose Garden of Chandigarh.

MRV excursions teach our young pupils to appreciate the natural heritage and understand the historical, political and social importance of each state. In addition to this, excursions strengthen the bond between students and teachers. They provide a learning venue to the students and engage even those with short attention spans. All in all, MRV excursions are effective, memorable, life changing and have a positive impact on the overall development of the students.


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