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MRV hosts Music Appreciation Workshop

"If man is the best creation of God then music is the best creation of man," says Kavita Sanghvi, Principal MET Rishikul Vidyalaya (MRV).

MRV presented a music appreciation workshop, which was held at MET to enhance the appreciation of music among parents. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Rajesh Mehta, an independent film producer and music enthusiast. The purpose of this workshop was to empower parents to use music as a medium to educate and elevate the conscious levels of their children.

The audience was first exposed to a video of a medley of songs, comprising of dissonant music and inappropriate lyrics. The audience reacted to the unbearable sounds by covering their ears and requested for the music to be stopped. Thereafter, they were shown a video clip of soft and melodious music, which lifted their spirits and kept them attuned.

Research has proven that soft music strengthens a child's intuitive thinking skills, induces relaxation, improves memory and enhances a child's body movement; whereas unmusical sounds with crude lyrics arouses aggressive instincts in children and stimulates them in the wrong direction.

Parents who attended the workshop earlier shared the benefits they received, thereby encouraging the audience to follow suit.

This workshop was only an introductory session to familiarize parents with the benefits children can gain from music. It will be followed by a four session music appreciation workshop in the month of February and March.


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