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Research Grant from Mumbai University

Dr. Seema Tatwawadi
Reader & Head of MET Assessment Centre.

Dr. Seema Tatwawadi, Reader & Head of MET Assessment Centre has recieved a grant from the University of Mumbai to conduct a specialised research on the personality traits of students in B Schools. The research is titled as: A Comparative Study of Emotional Maturity and Personality Traits of Male & Female Students in a Management Institute.
Research Abstract: A Comparative Study of Emotional Maturity and Personality Traits of Male & Female Students in a Management Institute
Aim: The proposed study aims to quantify the differences in Emotional Maturity and other Personality Traits among male & female students studying in first year and second year in a Management Institute. Rationale: Business schools admit graduate students with the vision of transforming them into able and competent managers who can take on the challenges thrown by the industry and corporate sector. During their training in the institute, these students undergo the prescribed curriculum and pass out as Apprentice Managers. It is therefore to be assumed that the two years of training in a Business School would induce a significant variation in their personality profile. When these students join business and corporate establishments in junior managerial capacities, they are faced with many challenges that are not mentioned in the textbooks. They then need to cope with these challenges in order to be successful managers. It is therefore logical to believe that this adjustment at the workplace requires a considerable change in their emotional pattern and personality. The curriculum and training imparted in the business school is different from undergraduate colleges. To some extent this training prepares them to face the challenges in the business world and tries to make them emotionally strong. It is also logical to assume that within a few years after joining an organisation as a manager these individuals may absorb the organic organizational culture and may display remarkable adjustment. These transformations, in turn modify their personality profiles and emotional maturity.

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