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Say no to plastic

As part of Save the Environment drive, MET Institute of Pharmacy (Degree) Faculty team won the first prize in a poster cum slogan competition on "Say no to plastic" at the Bandra Festival held in November 2009.

The poster focused on the disadvantages by the excessive use of plastic. The theme of the poster was "We Invited----They Invaded". The team used slogans like “I am plastic ....hazardously yours”, save the environment, don’t plastic it more and “stone the invaders before they invade, say no today before existence fades”.

One side of the poster depicted a photo frame of a happy family with a small smiley made up of plastic cap indicating how earlier man used minimum plastic for his day to day life. A happy earth with a nice flowing river with aquatic animals living happily also appeared on the same side of the poster. The other side indicated the darkness that plastic has gifted in our lives with the photo-frame squeezing the happy family on one side and a lot of plastic smileys occupying the house. It was shown how plastic then makes its way to the overflowing garbage bin to the environment and finally choking our rivers and our planet.

The poster was completed using a lot of plastic material like plastic sheets, pens, refills, glass, straw, bags, bottles, hangers and bottle tops. The final winning slogan for plastic - free environment was "Wake up Bandra, limit the overdose".


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