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Mr. Amey Palwankar

Mr. Amey Palwankar is a marketing expert with cross-industry experience in marketing and communication. He has worked for illustrious companies including , Star Plus, and Lowe Lintas.

At the MET Institute of PGDM, Mr. Amey Palwankar teaches marketing as an assistant professor. He teaches media management and IMC. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in management and his research interests are brand perceptions and advertising management.

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    Dec 2022

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    Management | Mr. Amey Palwankar

How did they read my mind? One of the distinguishing factors between good and bad advertising is execution and you just know when you see a bad one! So the question is, WHY did you have that reaction? It is the responsibility of an advertising agency's account planner to discover those reactions.