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Asian Management Development Centre

Asian Management Development Centre

Sharpening Process

Orientation (Anubhuti)

Launchpad: An intensive induction programme is held prior to the commencement of regular classes for the students. Batteries of projects, presentations and case studies, followed by a slew of psychometric tests are administered to measure a student's mental and emotional mindset. In addition, students are made conversant with management styles and trained in corporate etiquette. Launchpad is followed by HeartTalk (Hitguj), a forum for open interaction between parents and MET faculty. The induction culminates in Outbound Training (Anubhav) that allows the students to bond through outdoor management games.

Certificate I : Introduction to e-Business Management and Administration

From the very first day, the emphasis is on seeking out knowledge – a sharpening tool like no other! During this foundation course, students are encouraged to ask questions and analyse data through various methods available. An in-house psychologist, based on the students academic pursuit, aligns their competencies to industry needs.

Certificate II : Advanced e-Business Management and Administration

Students are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars and class debates, solve case studies, learn foreign languages and pursue live industry projects. In addition to the regular curriculum, project work is assigned to students, which is aimed at creating resourcefulness and enhancing networking skills.

Certificate III : Marketing / Finance / HR

At this stage, students choose their area of specialisation. This module involves highly specialised learning, targeted at bringing students on par with the standards set by the industry. Senior professionals deliver specially designed participatory modules as 'Electives'. This encourages application-based learning. Additional courses in Entrepreneurial Management and Project Design and Management help students learn the art of quality time management. In addition, industry projects are also undertaken by students.

Certificate IV : Crossing the Corporate Threshold

During this module our students cross the final threshold into corporate management, through a broad based participative placement programme.

Industry Orientation (Parichay):

Assistance is provided for industry placement.

Alma Mater (Alumni Interface):

MET Alumni Cell maintains a constant rapport with the alumni. Every possible support in terms of research, consultancy or lateral placement is offered to the alumnus.

Summer Internship:

To get a feel of corporate life, students are required to compulsorily take up summer internship with an organisation. An internship may last for eight weeks, It gives students a chance to experience the real corporate work environment. Management techniques learnt in the classrooms are applied to actual projects in the industry – a great way to enhance managerial skills. Prior to the summer internship, the students undergo a Summer Preparatory Module, in order to sharpen their perspective towards the upcoming assignment.

Sharpening process chart

Pedagogy & Performance Assessment