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Post Graduate Programme in Empowered Management and Business Administration (Business Analytics)

PGP EMBA-Business Analytics

‘Post Graduate Programme in Empowered Management and Business Administration (Business Analytics)’ is an autonomous two-year intensive flagship program at MET AMDC, spread across four certificate options and offering specializations in Marketing Analytics, Finance Analytics and Human Resources Analytics besides a holistic view and in depth analytical capability in core area of Management. PGP EMBA-Business Analytics appeals more to business-oriented students and is less technical than data science or data analytics specialization. Specifically designed for graduates from any field who wish to join the big data revolution and do not have coding or information technology knowledge. PGP EMBA-Business Analytics, a judicious mix of managerial and analytics subjects, equip the student with necessary skill that deals with how to collect, manage and analyze business-related data.

PG in Business Analytics

Why choose a program in 'Business Analytics'?

Strategic Business Analytics is a rapidly expanding discipline that investigates techniques of understanding data within an organization in order to strengthen decision-making. Analytics expertise enables companies to analyze the data they have and also the data they need in order to understand the health and future of the enterprise. As part of our mission to create professionals, we emphasize upon the new data savvy management opportunities which focus on the below mentioned areas :

  • Data driven business management and strategic analytics
  • Digital transformation and humanising technology
  • User experience design, immersive experience and design thinking
  • Life management skills, managing change and dynamic leadership
  • Business communication, self-awareness and emotionally intelligent communication
  • Coping-up and reinventing organization for growth
  • Managing human capital and administration
  • Managing strategy and innovation

Why Business Analytics a Career?

Highlights of the two-year intensive flagship PGP EMBA-Business Analytics program :

PGP EMBA-Business Analytics provides the fundamental skills needed for a career in business and data processing such as scripting languages experience and data analysis to solve real-world problems. The program provides an introduction to big data analytics for all business professionals, including those with no prior analytics experience and want to get involved in using data to help business decisions and that will provide them with the fundamental skills they need to succeed.

PGP in Strategic Business Analytics


With an outcome for development of scenario building and terrain appreciation skills to simulate live grassroot-based contextual management expertise following outcome are should be expected:

Are you Eligible?

A graduate in any discipline from a recognised university. Those who are appearing for the final examination can also apply. However, they must produce documentary evidence of having passed the examination, on or before the commencement of the programme, failing which their admission will be liable for cancellation and their fees will not be refunded. Proficiency in MS Office is a pre requisite.

Candidates applying for this programme will be selected on the basis of:


    MET - MCT + Aptitude Questions and Statement of Purpose – SOP on video (Online Interview only if required) + Academics Performance + Other Parameters


    MH-CET, CMAT, XAT, CAT, ATMA, GMAT, NMAT, MAT + Aptitude Questions and Statement of Purpose – SOP on video (Online Interview only if required) + Academics Performance + Other Parameters

Following are the details:

Category 1: MET - MCT Applicants
MET - MCT 100
Aptitude Questions and Statement of Purpose – SOP (Recorded on a single 3 min long Video) # 80
Academics Performance* 10
Other Parameters** 10
Total 200
Category 2: CAT Applicants
Aptitude Questions and Statement of Purpose – SOP (Recorded on a single 3 min long Video) # 80
Academics Performance* 10
Other Parameters** 10
Total 200
*Academics Performance
# Online Personal Interview to be held, only if required.


  • Online Personal Interviews (only if required) will be scheduled after successful submission of Online Application. This will be intimated by MET office via email/sms, student do not need to check with MET office on this.
  • Marks under any category shall be awarded only against relevant uploaded documents.
  • Admission will be confirmed only after verifying original documents.
  • Work Experience will be given preference.
  • Kindly keep checking your Inbox and SMS for updates.

MET - Management Congruence Test

  • MET - MCT is specifically designed to assess the suitability of students for various management careers. These tests establish score on emotional balance, extroversion, adaptability, congruence and ethics. There are no right or wrong answers. The candidates are to describe themselves honestly and as accurately as possible.

Instructions to RECORD and UPLOAD your Video (Containing Answers to 'Aptitude Questions' and 'Statement of Purpose – SOP')

  • All applicants must record this video containing Answers to ‘Aptitude Questions’ and ‘Statement of Purpose – SOP’ and upload the same while filling MET Online Application.
  • Please record this video with phone held/placed vertically (ensure good lighting).
  • At the beginning of the video you must introduce yourself and also give your name (It is part of Question-1).
  • Answer clearly below mentioned 4 Aptitude Questions and state your SOP in English language. While answering say Question-1, Question-2……. My SOP, please do not repeat the given questions verbatim.
  • Answers of all 4 questions and your SOP should be recorded in ONE single video (preferably MP4), duration of the entire video MUST NOT exceed 3 minutes.
  • Please compress the video before upload to ensure that its size is not exceeding 30 MB.
  • File name should include the Candidate Name and Application Number (e.g. Sachin Shah-AMDC2012345)

Questions to be Answered Clearly during the Video:

A. Aptitude Questions
  1. Please introduce yourself; also clearly mention your name.
  2. Why do you want to do an MBA?
  3. Why do you want to pursue the programme at MET?
  4. What have you done to fight Covid-19?
B. Statement of Purpose - SOP
  1. What is the major PURPOSE you want to pursue in your Career?

Fee Structure

Fee for each certificate is Rs 1,60,000 (Rupees one lac sixty thousand only) + GST 18% , with Laptop in the first term. Fees are payable by A/c Payee Demand Draft drawn in favour of 'MUMBAI EDUCATIONAL TRUST's ASIAN MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE' payable at Mumbai.

On being selected the students will have to pay total fees of first two certificates i.e. Rs. 3,20,000 (Rupees three lacs and twenty thousand only) + GST 18% i.e. Rs. 3,77,600 (Rupees three lacs and seventy seven thousand six hundred only), at the time of admission. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

PGP EMBA-Business Analytics Programme: Syllabus

• Introduction to Accounts • Introduction to Business Maths • Digital technology tools in Management • Business Communication • Perspective in Management (Case study method)

Introduction to Empowered Business Management and Administration (360 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)

• Business Ethics C.G., C.S.R. • Marketing Management • Statistics for Management • Contemporary Management • Organisational Behaviour • FinancialAccounting • Managerial Economics • IT for Management (Excel) • Corporate Law • Business Communication • Introduction to Insurance • Basics of Banking

Advanced PGP in Empowered Business Management and Administration (400 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)

• Consumer Buyer Behaviour • Life Management • Business Research Methods • Financial Management • Economic Environment of Business • Business Analytics • Operation Management • Business Analytical Tools • Big Data Ecosystem • AI and ML for Managers • Advanced Excel • Visual Analytics

Strategic Business Marketing / Finance / Human Resource (400 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)

Core Subjects: • Strategic Management • Life Skills • Summer Internship Project • Capstone

Marketing Analytics

  • Python (Advanced)
  • Data Visualisation
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Marketing Research

Finance Analytics

  • Python (Advanced)
  • Data Visualisation
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Valuation and M&A
  • Derivatives & Risk Management
  • Wealth Management

Human Resource Analytics

  • Python (Advanced)
  • Data Visualisation
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Training & Development
  • Competency Based Human Resource Management & Performance Management
  • HR Planning & Application Technology in HR
  • Labour Laws & Implications on Industrial Relations

Additional tutorials and soft skills will be delivered to hone competencies of students aiming at an all - round development of their personality. For sharpening quantitative skills and capabilities, relevant inputs will be offered from time to time making them corporate ready to match industry expectations.


PGP in Strategic Business Analytics

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