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Centre for Insurance Training, Research & Development

Centre for Insurance Training, Research & Development

Sharpening Process

MCW: MET Class Work (in hours)

MFW: MET Field Work (in hours)

Orientation (Aarohan)
Launchpad (Induction)
Outbound training (Anubhav)
Foundation course
Competency mapping
Certificate I Introduction to PGP EMBA in Insurance (CII) UK
(360 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)
Certificate II Advanced Management Studies in Business Administration and Insurance
(400 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)
  • MET Combat (Class debates)
  • Principles & Practices Business management
  • Contemporary Management Studies
  • IT for Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Case studies
  • Introduction to Insurance processes
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Industry Projects
  • MET on Wheels/Industrial Visits
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning
  • Advanced Excel Workshop
  • Corporate Guest Lectures
  • Alumni Interaction
  • Insurance Laws & Regulations
  • At the end of the second certificate the students engage in industry internship to gain valuable practical experience. This lays the foundation for the final placements.
  • Study tour to UK, Dubai, Singapore (Optional)
Certificate III Strategic Business Perspective in Management and Insurance
(400 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)
Certificate IV Crossing the Corporate Threshold in Management and Insurance
(200 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)
  • Electives
  • Rural Expedition
  • Marketing Summit
  • Finance Meet
  • Mock GD+PI sessions
  • Simulations Games
  • Insurance Alumni
  • Interaction (MET Connect)
  • Eminent Insurance Guest Personalities Interface
  • Insurance products and services
  • Research projects and assignments based on Industry Internship.
  • Alumni networking / Alumni Meet
  • High end workshops
  • Insurance Business Environment
  • Advanced Insurance Management
  • Capstone Projects
PGP EMBA-Insurance(CII) Certification
(1360 Hrs. Class Work + Field Work)
  • Completion of credits, earned through the four certificate modules makes the candidate eligible to receive Empowered Management and Business Administration Insurance Diploma after putting in the prescribed hours of inputs.
  • Successful clearance of CII credit units (UK) will lead to conferring of the prestigious globally recognized ACII qualification.
  • Highlights:

    Apart from the class-room inputs, the students shall be exposed to following interfaces with the external world and the industry personnel, with a view to augment their theoretical learning with practical applications:

    1. One week of ‘Introduction to the worlds of Insurance & Management’ by industry experts
    2. Actual handling of policy-documents, forms, claims papers
    3. Hands-on experience of I.T. applications used in industry
    4. Projects, case studies & assignments involving real-life salespersons from industry, both life & general
    5. Surveys of real-life cases from customer segments
    6. Interaction with doctors, lawyers, ombudsman, CEOs, regulators, actuaries, chartered accountants & other industry specialists
    7. Industrial visits to ports, airports, warehouses, brokers’ firms, insurance company offices & other relevant sites
    8. Summer placements in reputable insurance companies
    9. Hands-on experience in BPO/KPO
    10. Interaction with International faculty
    11. Video-conferences with International experts of various fields
    12. Visit to Lloyd’s of London office for first hand experience of foreign insurance operations and insights into their strategies and concerns (optional)