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Institute of Computer Science

Institute of Computer Science

Future Forward and Special Initiatives

The goal of the PMA mentorship program is to accelerate the personal and professional development of students. The programme aims to provide mentees with guidance, advice and feedback through regular interactions. The mentors of this programme are experienced alumni of MET ICS who will motivate, inspire and support the students. They will give mentees the tools they need to achieve their goals and work through challenges.

Objectives of this Programme are:

  • Improve ability to express and learn to communicate
  • Demonstrate strengths and explore potential
  • Discusse goal setting and aspirations
  • Provide personal development tips
  • Share knowledge and life experiences
  • Advise on professional development
  • Identify and provide resources
  • Support the mentee’s journey toward progress
  • Offer encouragement during challenging times
  • Develop Leadership skills