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Institute of Computer Science

Institute of Computer Science

CSI Student Chapter

MET Institute of Computer Science has inaugurated Computer Society of India’s MET Student Chapter on March 26, 2011 at the MET Convention Centre. The event was graced by the Chief Guest Dr. Vishnu Kanhere, Chairman, CSI Mumbai Chapter, Mr. Ashish Dandekar, Senior Member of CSI Mumbai Chapter with Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal, Trustee - MET and the visiting faculty. The ceremony started by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati and lighting of ceremonial lamp in the presence of 80 MET ICS student members and the faculty members. Mr. Ashish Dandekar along with Ms. Manasi Kulkarni were the pioneers in starting the CSI-Student Branch at MET ICS.

Dr. Sunita Mahajan, Principal – MET ICS who herself is the lifetime member of CSI since 1972, gave the welcome address. She briefed students about CSI and emphasized on improving the students’ technical writing, presentation and communication skills.

Trustee – MET also shared his thoughts with students and he advised our students to not only be an expert academically but also socially and spiritually.

Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal, Trustee - MET, also congratulated the MET ICS members on the occasion.

Dr. Vishnu Kanhere delivered the inaugural address. He congratulated the students and MET for starting CSI student chapter. He highlighted the essence of CSI and gave a gist of the benefits that would come attached to it. He put forth his “Three Mantras” which stressed on “Change”, “Sharing of knowledge” and “Giving back to the society”. He also gave a thought provoking presentation on “Cyber Security & Risks”.

As a first activity of the student branch, MET ICS (Sem-IV) students, Dilip Mistry, Neha Naik, Radhika Jambotkar and Dhaval Shah gave a presentation on “M-Commerce and its challenges”.

Event concluded with the vote of thanks.

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