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Knowledge Explorer

Knowledge Explorer

MET KE Magazines

Young Explorer

With the aim of encouraging children to explore beyond the realms of the curriculum and text book learning, MET Knowledge Explorer launched its first magazine Young Explorer in January 2004. Targeted at students from Grade V to Grade X, the 32-page monthly tabloid complements the academic curriculum with a range of subjects like Science, History, Geography, English and Astronomy. It also attempts to equip children with information on topics like Habits & Healthy living, Current Affairs, Technology, Sports, Careers…thus keeping them updated to take on the challenges of the evolving world in their formative years.

Junior Explorer

Launched in 2011, Junior Explorer is a 28-page activity-based tabloid which provides primary children with a platform for broadening their horizon of learning through illustrated activities and assignments. Especially designed to meet the curiosity quotient of children of Grade III and Grade IV, Junior Explorer aims at fostering a high level of involvement and excitement through its interactive content.

Kids Explorer

The illustrative magazine, Kids Explorer launched in 2014 is a visual-cum-interactive tool to encourage the tiny tots to gain knowledge about the world around in a joy-filled way. The 32-page colourful magazine is a visual treat, introducing the children of Grade I and II to the world of learning through fun by stimulating their power to visualize and think creatively.