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Knowledge Explorer

Knowledge Explorer

YE’s Endeavour

Young Explorer's endeavour is to:

  • Conceptualise with the objective of enlightening and motivating young minds. The publication constantly endeavours to ignite the tremendous potential of the budding youth. This 24-page monthly tabloid covers a range of topics from science, technology, current affairs, arts, career, History, Literature, astronomy, sports, etc.
  • Strive to inform students about the unlimited array of career options in India and abroad, and enable students to take well-informed decisions. The publication will cultivate 'decision making' ability among students, early in life. It is our belief that, well-informed students would not be totally dependent on others to chart out their career goals.
  • Try and inculcate a scientific and futuristic bent of mind at all times. It will also attempt to be an interactive forum, and represent the views and opinions of the student community.
  • Focus on all-around development of the young individual. It will also cover topics like personality development, sports, health, ethics, art and culture, and study techniques.
  • Strive to maintain a universal appeal for students all over. The language will be simple and lucid so that information is imbibed without any difficulty.
  • Restore the forgotten practice of good reading among students; a habit that has lost out in recent times to watching television, Internet browsing and other pursuits.

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