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Content Mantras

Content Mantras

Content Mantras

"The content was not so good" or "The story rocked the show" are phrases we hear a lot and use ourselves.

What about material that is depressing or rocking?

It's easy! It ultimately comes down to whether or not I, the customer, find the provided content deserving of reading, hearing, or viewing. Otherwise, it is illogical.

If the customer is the "King," then your content must be the "Queen." Only after that do you marry them! I genuinely think that having a brag sheet about your goods or services greatly aids in creating clear messages.

I'll share a few straightforward yet essential ideas with you today to help you keep readers interested in your material.

#Begin with the end in mind

Why are you acting in this way? What emotions do you want your viewers to have? What do you wish for them to believe? After seeing what you show them, what response do you want them to have? What's the point of what you're doing? What do you mean when you say who you are? Do you want people to visit your website, learn about your brand, download your app, sign up for your service, watch your show, laugh, cry, or make a purchase? Or do you want them to do something else?

Before you convey the message you want to, it's crucial to have the answers to all of these and similar questions. There are high possibilities of failure if you do not know the answers to these fundamental issues.

#Identity the features

Asking yourself questions such as, "Why will my audience listen to me?" is an excellent idea. How come they'll watch my show? Why do you think they'll use my product or join my service? What benefit must people perceive in it? How am I unique or superior to others in my industry?

The better your chances are of receiving the desired answer, the more concise, precise, and relatable your communication is.

#To whom are you speaking?

With whom are you speaking? What holds significance for them? Why are they motivated? They, who?

In the Colgate Toothpaste commercial, for instance, two audiences are addressed:

*Parent to Parent, where a mother is heard saying, "Mein apne bacche ke like sirf colgate pe hi bharosa karti hoon" while carrying her young child in her arms.

And here's the second:

*Child to Child, in which a mother who is also a dentist is emphasising the importance of strong teeth to a group of preschoolers when one of the children picks up a Colgate toothpaste package and declares, "My teeth are strongest," in reference to the pack.

It's a good idea to mentally create a persona for your consumer. Give them a pen, a name, and a face.

#A job well begun is half done

We have all repeatedly heard this saying in a variety of contexts.

Your start is in your headline! Your headline's primary goal is to get Mr. King's attention, your target customers. Your headline should pique the interest of your audience, making them want to learn more about what's within. They should be interested in hearing your narrative through to the very conclusion, if not more. whether it is a performance, a commercial, or an email.

A lot of the time, compelling headlines, synopses, or about me sections target the worries or goals of your audience.

If you describe a problem your customer is experiencing or

#Create drama instead of layers.

Humans' attention spans are getting shorter by the day. The audience has the remote, and it only takes five seconds to change the channel!

Keep your message engaging and make adjustments to maintain attention.

Avoid adding too many "ifs and buts" or characters, procedures, or calls to action to your communication, which will make it difficult for your audience or reader to understand and provide you with the appropriate answer.

Use "The KISS Policy" in this situation; it will help much!
Keep it Short & Simple, I mean, just as I've tried to do with this article!
Stay tuned for more, of course.

The field of content development is one that is rapidly expanding and highly lucrative.

To share your experiences with your works and with yourself as customers, as well as to learn more about this profession, reach out to me at MET Institute of Mass Media , on email at

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