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Ms. Aditi Gosalia

“Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.” As a competent learning & development professional, Aditi Gosalia subscribes to this thought & philosophy. Her expertise lies in ideating innovative training strategies, planning the structure of the curricula, facilitating holistic & future-oriented talent development & institutional excellence

With sound maturity in business & functional skills, she demonstrates an experience in developing and managing the T&D lifecycle, enhancing program quality, motivating learners and trainers to exceed in their performance with respect to stakeholder expectations. She brings hands-on proficiency in devising sustainable solutions to administrative issues & training concerns while implementing multi-dimensional learning initiatives.

As a Senior Manager at MET Mumbai, she carries along close to fifteen years of experience, during which she has mentored 13 plus batches of Media post graduate students through their academic journeys & beyond. Aditi also manages and oversees placement process, corporate connect along with over all functioning of the department.

Academically, Aditi is an SNDT, Arts Graduate with a Diploma in Human Resource Management and P.G.P in Business Management from We School. She has completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership from Asian College of Teachers - Corporate. Aditi is also a Transformation Academy Certified Master Life Coach, helping individuals come to terms with life.

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