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Institute of Mass Media

Institute of Mass Media

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) - Digital Marketing

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) - Digital Marketing

In India, Digital Media business is growing at the rate of 30%, which is highest across all business sectors. Today India has more than 460 million Internet users, out of which 430 million are mobile Internet users. With this kind of growth digital media business is expected to reach Rs. 19,000 crores by the year 2020.

The Advanced Diploma in Mass Media with specialization in Digital Marketing has a 360° approach, imparting conceptual training with intensive hands-on approach. This experiential pedagogy gives you an edge, making you employable and ready in the dynamic, fast-growing field of digital marketing.

Digital Media keeps not only growing rapidly, but is also a constantly evolving industry. The Digital Marketing Course curriculum is designed in such a manner that any new developments are immediately incorporated in to the curriculum, keeping you continuously updated and in sync with the industry.

Programme Overview

Advanced diploma in mass media (ADMM) is a three certificate program; each certificate being 4 to 6 months in intensive training and practical work. Digital Marketing is the latest specialization that MET offers:

ADMM – Digital Marketing

  • Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media (CIMM)
  • Diploma in Mass Media (DMM) – Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) – Digital Marketing

Module Highlights

  • Business & Function driven pedagogy
  • Media Convergence Approach (IMC)
  • Exposure to Google Certification & Email Marketing
  • Active Online Projects
  • Creating own website for learning SEO
  • In-depth training in content production
  • Online Campaigns & Experiential Learning
  • Case studies, Assignments, Presentations & Evaluation

Sharpening Process

An insightful induction programme is held prior to the course commencement

  • Certificate I - Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media (CIMM):

    This module provides you all you need to know about creating content. It is important for a digital marketing professional to first learn how to make the content to be able to market it. The module also gives an overview of the media business in India, media economics, and a perspective of business communication.

  • Certificate II - Diploma in Mass Media - Digital Marketing:

    The second diploma starts off with website designing, using a GUI as well as a lot of hardcore HTML5 and CSS 3 coding, which is absolutely necessary. We then move on to SEO, SEM, Google AdWords and Analytics.

  • Summer Internship:

    The DMM Certificate concludes at students taking up a one or two month internship where they are able to understand the uncertainties and business pressure, learn the actual tricks of the trade and implement their classroom learnings to real situations.

  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Media - Digital Marketing:

    This is pure project work along with training. This module could be your own project or a live project from the industry. This module helps you not only hone your content creation skills, but also gives you the much needed experience in live projects to make you fully ready to take on the digital marketing world.

  • Career Services:

    On successful completion of academic and internship evaluations, the Placement Cell assists students getting access to the best of career opportunities.


  • Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media

    • Indian Media Business
    • Media Economics
    • Contemporary Management and Marketing
    • Content Analysis
    • Writing for Media
    • Understanding Camera
    • Editing Skills (Graphics, Video, Audio)
    • Graphic Designing
    • Visual Communication - MS Office
    • Business Communication and Presentation Techniques
  • Diploma in Mass Media - Digital Marketing

    • Principals of Digital Marketing
    • Website Designing (with HTML5 and CSS3)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing
    • Google Analytics
    • Website Analytics
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • On Page Optimization
    • Off Page Optimization
    • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Media - Digital Marketing

    • Social Media Marketing Modules
    • Introduction to Social Media
    • Facebook Marketing
    • YouTube Marketing
    • Google+ Marketing
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Final Project