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  • 11
    Feb 2023


    Information Technology | Dr. Abhijit Banubakode

Education 4.0 is the latest buzzword in the education sector, referring to the integration of technology and innovation into the classroom. The goal of Education 4.0 is to create a more personalized and student-centric learning experience that...

  • 02
    Jan 2021


    Management | Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Page, Dr. Farida Virani

When the Voyager 1 probe was 3.7 billion miles from Earth, Carl Sagan made a request. He asked NASA to turn it around to snap a quick photograph. The result was a faint image of Earth surrounded by the vastness of space.

  • 07
    Dec 2020

  • Management Paradigm Shift | Leadership at Virtual Workspace

    Management | Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Page

When the golden sun rose at the dawn of the third decade of the second millennium, there was cheer, joy and hope all around. The National and Global Indices did not reflect even the remotest dark shadows hovering beyond the horizon and despite some rumblings in Europe there was a steady hum of dynamic business acceleration worldwide.

  • 06
    Sep 2020

  • 7 Top Reasons to Pursue an MCA!

    Information Technology | Dr. Abhijit Banubakode

Albert Einstein, a renowned physicist and scholar who significantly contributed to science but also had a connection with the investments once said “Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

  • 31
    Dec 2019

  • Black Mirror of Big Data Analysis

    Information Technology | Dr. Farida Virani

Big data analytics is rapidly transforming our lives. Similarly, Social Credit Score is a summary of scores calculated from various big data sources including administrative, transactional, sensor, tracking, behavioural and opinion data.

  • 27
    Nov 2019

  • Gone in a Flash

    Mass Media |

It is always sad to see a great software, or a website meeting its demise. About five years ago, on September 30, 2014,