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Waves of chance and change

Waves of chance and change

Waves of chance and change

This blog talks about a series of events and how one can align their skills with mass media even though their roots are from a diverse educational background.

Crossing the bridge

"Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change."
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein

It was midsummer afternoon, the results of my computer science degree were declared. My parents rushed in happily, their bodies showed signs of pride and happiness and I was showered with hugs and kisses. After a draining year filled with the ever changing strides from covid and then back to reality, it was a weird semester.

I scored above 9 cgpa. First time I scored the toppers position.

The next choice seemed obvious to give the MHT-CET exam and apply for an MCA or M.Sc Computer Science Degree. The scouting for best colleges offering the programmes and courses started! I took a breather one day and sat back, asking myself do I really want to do this? I am a creative person who loves talking and brainstorming on projects using tools like design thinking. Somewhere down the line, I knew I WAS NOT THE BEST in this field. It is better to make a decision now, or some 15 years old will come and take my job right under my nose. Also by the time, I will be TURNING 50 I WILL LIVE A LIFE I NEVER INTENDED TO HAVE, A BIG REGRET WILL LINGER AND MY LIFE WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN I WANT IT TO BE. Looking into my mother I told her this is not my cup of tea I want to change my fields. The land of advertising and digital marketing attracts me. It took time for them to process. They were going all yes and no, but my mind was made up.

My courage took me apart from the situation and started preparing myself for a new life, a decision that is completely mine. A one that I am responsible for and no one else. Lowkey, I was filled with pride in my heart that I am taking my life into my own hands not dependent on anyone.

Through the gush of change


Choosing the right college for me.

After searching high and low, visiting different colleges with my parents they did not seem happy. I searched out loans as I wanted to make sure the whole decision was in my control. I was ready to work hard but to my dismay loans are not easily given to fields like mass media until and unless one is going abroad. The max one can get is around their fees with private banks giving a 15% and government run banks will give the same amount in 3% interest on 3 lakhs. A design thinking college was charging 8 lakhs for fees alone, it scared me.

I then found Mumbai Educational Trust with reasonable fees, one I could afford with my saved-up money. The college is located in Bandra which gives a good edge being one of the top areas of Mumbai. She is the queen of the suburbs. Coming from Kalyan and always being in areas like Talegaon, Ooty and Kalyan this was a big step for me and if I had to accept change why not chase the best? The course offered more time at the same price as other colleges offering a similar course.

It was a no brainer. I went ahead and registered myself online. They had an exam and personal interview. I went by myself and gave the exam and went through a PI, my stars might have aligned that day. I had got through, MET located in Bandra with great faculty and facilities, honestly it felt like the best decision.


Alignment of skills

"Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know and capable of more than you imagine", Roy T. Bennett.

The big question was will I fit in, the BMM students would be having an edge over me. Will I be able to cope? With so many questions I sat with a notebook and pen trying to take down everything professors and guest lecturers would say.

To my surprise, in one fine lecture, a faculty member talked about Metaverse. Being from a Computer Science background where I had given viva about AI, IoT, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, I started answering about cryptocurrency and felt somewhere down the line I was not lacking.

Sailboat in a roaring sea


Choosing the college was tick marked and fitting in is still a landscape to learn. I had the opportunity to shoot two short films, take interviews of esteemed HRs, work in events like the Delphic Art wall Coalition. Every step of meeting new people made me realise that there are lots of opportunities for anyone and everyone. It is a field runned by passionate people. The conversations are mesmerising, they talk about simple things that we take for granted as a viewer, like lights, the colour, the depth, how much should be lit, what emotions will be depicted and how placing the light can make one look evil or holy. People are competitive and one has to constantly reinvent themselves to be running high but if one is good people do recommend you ahead. Understanding the dynamics of a different stream is important when shifting a field. Somewhere down the line, your past experience gives you an upper edge in arenas and a fresher perspective compared to others.

In conclusion, the belief is not waking up at 50 and saying to myself why am I doing this. I wish I had taken a decision that leads to my happiness. If there is a decision you want to take no matter how life alternates when it comes to your career, own it and take it. Yes, it will be difficult initially but one will be proud of oneself for standing up for their life and taking charge for themselves.

Keep fighting,
Aayushi Gupta

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