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Public Relations

Public Relations

  • 03
    Dec 2022

  • Human Insights

    Management |

How did they read my mind? One of the distinguishing factors between good and bad advertising is execution and you just know when you see a bad one! So the question is, WHY did you have that reaction? It is the responsibility of an advertising agency's account planner to discover those reactions.

  • 20
    Mar 2020

  • Guide to Choosing the Right Media Post Graduation

    Mass Media |

You have reached probably the last frontier of your student life. If you are opting for post-graduation - masters in mass media, now is the time to choose the Best Media Institute, depending on what plans you have for your future.

  • 07
    Nov 2019

  • Relating to Public Relations

    Mass Media | Ms. Aditi Gosalia

What is Mass Media? Let us understand this in simple. Mass meaning audiences. Media - you can say - sound (audio), visual ( text / images) / motion (audio - visual).