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Human Insights

Human Insights

Human Insights

How did they read my mind?

One of the distinguishing factors between good and bad advertising is execution and you just know when you see a bad one! So the question is, WHY did you have that reaction? It is the responsibility of an advertising agency's account planner to discover those reactions.

The answer is frequently found in that feeling you get when you see an advertisement that cuts through the clutter inside you. With so much going on in your life, when you see an ad that is not only relatable but also noticeable, you know it has broken through that clutter.

It's that moment when your customer wonders how they (the advertised brand) knew what they were going through or thinking — it's the difference between a creative that works and one that doesn't.

However, in order to comprehend that idea or moment and how to cultivate your creativity to pique it, we must first look into its root cause - human insights.


When designing advertising, the creative should produce one that is carefully thought out so that the target audience recognises the importance it has in their own lives right away. This fundamental truth is frequently referred to as human insight in the realm of advertising.

Here, the idea is to function with just one human insight rather than two or three. The best creative work that is produced has a single-minded focus and only addresses one idea, which makes it easier and more natural for the target audience to absorb the core idea or the essential message right away. As an illustration, consider any Nike advertisement from the "Just Do It" campaign.

Consumer insight is precise knowledge about the opinions and behaviours of consumers that explains not only what they believe, prefer, or do but also why they do it. With this crucial information, you can produce better products, more useful services and more successful marketing efforts.

Customer insight can also be derived from your power of observation and memory. As a marketer, it is critical to observe your audience when they interact with your brand or your competitors both through online & offline. Their actions, comments, reactions and even complaints can reveal a lot about what makes them loyal or hateful.

For example, if a ketchup company conducts market research and discovers a decrease in the number of mothers purchasing their brand. You can understand why this demographic is buying less by delving deeper from the market as a whole to the minds of the customers. Perhaps they are afraid that if they put the ketchup bottle in the child's hands he or she will break it.

There are some questions you can ask yourself to jog your memory and serve as a filter for insights.

“What will their life be like if they purchase my product/service?“

“Is their lifestyle changing as a result of my product/service?”

“How will the conversation go if my loyal customer is promoting my brand to his/her best friend?”

There are numerous behavioural observations that can assist you in achieving your eureka moment. Why? you might ask! Because everyone including marketers is a customer of some brand. You as a customer had followed a pattern while shopping for a brand and someone had noticed you as an audience.

Therefore, human insights are essential for any brand since they allow the message connects with the audience immediately rather than trying to persuade them and give them a reason to believe. As a result, the magic emerges when advertising uses ‘Human insights’.

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